Congrats Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

Somebody at the City finally read the Open Meetings Act LAW!  This note is included on the Agenda for Monday night:

omaDavid Hales has an ongoing problem approving minutes.  Last March I had to file a Freedom of Information Act for the minutes of the meeting held 9/21/15.  What happened at that meeting?  Your Sales Tax got raised 1%.  Not approving minutes makes it difficult to know who voted for what.

Since they now obviously know what the law is, I expect the days of holding minutes for approval to be over.

In case you forgot, this was the vote:  (the highlighted alderman are up for election in April)

tax vote

Reason for the meeting:

SB Friedman will be presenting information on why he recommended not approving the latest Giebelhausen plan.

See the packet here – starting on page 26:  CA 08-15-16 COW

It’s VERY obvious why the plan was rejected.

It gets worse for the property owners and CEFCU.  Page 29 has this analysis of the property values:


‘Mayor Renner claimed this week that $4,000,000 is owed.  The numbers don’t work.

Right now Tari seems to be protecting taxpayers.  Keep in mind that he is desperate for a downtown hotel across from the Coliseum.

If he gets reelected (if he runs), is he desperate enough to tap the taxpayer piggy bank?  Want to take that chance?

After the presentation, the Council will discuss downtown strategies.  Get the popcorn ready.






  1. Well, Mr. Jeff G just got his head served on a platter. His and the Huff’s entire scheme for downtown redevelopment was a scam. Now, it seems as if the Council will be establishing new auxiliary plans for downtown–Priority Plan and Matrix. More expense for consultants?? Maybe the Council members and the Mayor should try studying the contents of the plans already in place before devising new plans.


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