UPDATE: If laws don’t matter, it’s our fault

Ben Yount finally agreed to hold an event here in September!

He mentioned your emails!  Thanks.


By:  Diane Benjamin

A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded,  “A republic, if you can keep it.”

I was at a meeting with the Edgar County Watchdogs last night, they used this quote.  We aren’t a democracy – that’s mob rule.  A Republic has to be maintained, ours is failing.

The ECW’s are gaining NATIONAL fame for their investigations.  It all revolved around following the law.  They have brought down the leadership of the College of Dupage, the Iroquois County Health Department, and over 180 public officials who have either resigned, been prosecuted, or decided not to rule for reelection because being held accountable for following the law is just too difficult.  They are currently bringing down the new Illinois Auditor General for impropriety and possible criminal activity with campaign funds.

Kirk Allen and John Kraft – just two citizens – are doing more to clean up Illinois than Lisa Madigan!  They are also highly entertaining.

A week from tomorrow – August 20th:

SpringfieldI will be there – I hope a lot of people from Bloomington-Normal will attend.  I’m part of their presentation, you have to attend to find out how.

Cities 92.9 has been asked to host an event here, they keep refusing.

Maybe WJBC or the Pantagraph will want to host it instead!

Read more Benjamin Franklin quotes here:  http://www.ourrepubliconline.com/Author/21

The guy was a genius.

Read more about the event here:  http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2016/08/citizen-watchdog-training-springfield-il-aug-20th/

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Their latest investigation was just posted.  You won’t believe it!  Lincoln Way D210 – Rent-Dodging Daycare Plans to Push Pain to Customers





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    1. Find the stories from Cahokia. Relatives are the mayor and water department manager. They hold meetings at the same time so citizens can’t attend both. The meetings have been canceled when the watchdogs show up. What are they hiding?

  1. I would love to be there but I am working. Could you bring back handouts, etc- I would love to be involved. Janet

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