Humanity Lost

by:  Diane Benjamin

Government thinks they are capable of making better decisions than citizens.  There is no more obvious example than the take-over of the healthcare industry.  Massive regulations and fees are issued every month by the un-elected, all supposedly to cover the un-insured.

Regulations do nothing to promote healthcare for all.   Large providers pay accountants and lawyers to itthelawcomply with the regulations, driving costs higher.  Smaller providers have quit, joined larger groups, or are spending valuable time  deciphering regulations themselves. Government intervention hinders healthcare, hurts medical innovation, and keeps people from getting insurance. Companies have been forced to cut employee hours and cancel health coverage because they can’t afford the mandates.

Providers are subject to massive fines for failure to comply with the government vision of healthcare.  Review boards are anxious to prosecute any reported malpractice, regardless of how minor.  They ignore that doctors and nurses are human beings that aren’t always perfect.

Personal Story:

On November 3rd I twisted my foot.  November 8th I went to Prompt Care at OSF to get an x-ray.  I was told there was no break, it’s just a bad sprain.  December 9th, still in a lot of pain, I went to a podiatrist.  Thanks to computerized records, he saw the Prompt Care x-ray on his computer.  It clearly showed a chipped bone.  The doctor and radiologist at OSF missed it.

A chipped bone is painful, but it could have healed in 2-3 weeks if my foot had been immobilized on November 8th.  Instead, I have been in pain longer than I should have been.

Why did I title this piece Humanity Lost?  The OSF staff can not and will not take responsibility.  The radiologist will not be informed he/she missed the chip.  If any record of their failure reaches regulators, their ability to provide any healthcare is at risk.

We have lost the ability to be honest with each other.  We can no longer say “We screwed up”.  We can no longer say “I’m sorry”.  Sadly, we’ve also lost the ability to correct mistakes by reviewing what happened.

The government monster is ready to pounce, we are the victims.

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