Vetting Dr Gill again

Today Dr Gill sent out this email:


Today, we started airing our newest ad, entitled “Susan.” Please watch it here.I’m glad my campaign can deliver this important message the day after Mitt Romney told us on national TV that uninsured people don’t need health coverage. Mitt says they can just go to the ER to get care.Mitt just doesn’t get what working people are going through in our country today.In this new commercial, I recount the story of a 39-year-old woman who came into the ER in full cardiac arrest.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t save her. Susan ended up passing away – leaving a husband and two young children behind. Susan’s death could have been prevented if she had been treated the week before, but because she didn’t have health insurance she drove back home when her initial chest pains subsided.As a doctor, I know the sad truth: Susan’s story is not unique. In fact, one American dies every 12 minutes in our nation because they lack health insurance.I want to go to Congress to fight for people like Susan and her family – people who are too often forgotten. Help me speak for the millions of Susans in this country. Their voices deserve to be heard. Thank you for all that you do, 

David Gill, M.D.


Dr Gill – Susan didn’t help herself.  Lots of people die because they refuse to go to the doctor – it’s not always money.  Susan wasn’t responsible?  39 year olds don’t normally think they are dying from heart disease.

But Dr. Gill, I heard a better story today about one of your former patients.  She was 80 years old with a brain aneurysm .   You refused to treat her at BroMenn because, according to you, she was too old.  She was transferred to St Joseph Hospital where she was treated and is now happily 84 years old.

Your idea of medicine is for everyone to be on Medicare – I guess you missed the memo about Medicare being broke in 12 years.  You also haven’t explained to seniors that under, the new Obama Medicare, services will be limited.  They are no longer contributing members of society, at least that’s the Obama view – it’s called the Whole Lives program.  Care is given if you are 15-40 years old, but limited otherwise because limited resources must be managed.  Of course, if it was your family member you would think otherwise.  Sarah Palin was right:  Death Panels!  Maybe Doctor Death is more applicable.

More Medicare stories:

A 65 year old friend was given a breast exam with her clothes on.  Ask your wife if you don’t get it.

A 92 year old woman received vein surgery on a leg.  She was a Betty White type 92 year old.  The doctor was called before a hospital board to explain why he operated on a 92 year old.

Dr. Gill:  Does the Hippocratic oath still mean anything to you?  Have you told the public you were fired from St Joseph Hospital because you believe in euthanasia?

Do you know ANY issues other than limiting healthcare?

Do you know on January 1st doctors are getting a 30% cut for treating medicare patients?  More proof of the Obama war on seniors! Dr. Gill, you are part of that was.

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