Draconian Tari

by:  Diane Benjamin

Each Ward in Bloomington is represented by one Alderman.  An attempt to change the system to some City-wide Aldermen failed miserably earlier this year.  Obviously citizens want small wards with a personal representative on the Council.  Unfortunately, most of the Council doesn’t work for you.  Their attitude is “they hired David Hales”, whatever he says it’s okay with them.  In that statement they forgot they are his boss!  Does your boss allow employees to run amok with no oversight?  David Hales isn’t from Bloomington and has no allegiance to Bloomington, and he will most likely retire after 8 years and take his fat pension elsewhere.  It is the Council’s job to oversee his performance.  NO matter how dysfunctional Hales is, the majority of Council still support him and hand him big raises.  It’s difficult for some to admit they aren’t fulfilling their responsibilities as Alderman.

If you have never looked at a City Council agenda, every item is marked with a time limit and marked “Recommend Approval”.  The PEOPLE’s business has a time limit!  Extended conversations are not allowed because somebody may think of a glitch in a Renner-Hales plan and derail passage.  YOU are therefore not represented by your Alderman.

I obtained the following email by a lawsuit.

Obviously there is nothing in this email that qualifies for redaction under the Freedom of Information Act.  YOUR City government doesn’t want you to know anything other than statements issued by the Communication Director-a new position under Renner.  So much for transparency.  The Freedom of Information  law changes on January 1st.  It will be a felony for the City to illegally redact emails such as this.  The law passed both the House and Senate in Springfield unanimously last August. and Governor Quinn signed it.  The only question remaining is if laws matter.  Will State’s Attorney Jason Chambers prosecute?

Here’s the email.  Evidently the potted plants had no problem complying.  Discussion aren’t productive or informative Tari?  Rubber stamp potted plants make governing much easier, don’t they Tari.









2 thoughts on “Draconian Tari

  1. “Please don’t do that.” He treats them with such disrespect. It is unbelievable that they willingly tolerate being treated so badly. I feel his remarks were particularly directed at two people, though. I hope they talk and comment freely in spite of his letter.

  2. I agree. They all talk too much. Just vote no and move on. See if Hales & Renner can craft an ordinance/proposal where the “nay” vote is is actually for adoption, Make them have to think a little harder.

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