What Ald. Scott Black thinks of BlnNews readers

by:  Diane Benjamin

How about some weekend fun!

When I filed the lawsuit against the City of Bloomington, I had no idea what emails they were hiding.  Since the City has since produced at least some of them, they have admitted guilt.  Of course, they will never say that publicly, but it’s obvious anyway.  The one below written by Alderman Scott Black is his opinion of BlnNews readers.  See what you think:


I think Tari Junior needs to hear from you.  The only reason he was elected is because of Wesleyan.  Renner works there and Black is a graduate.  What better way to community organize than get all the kids to vote for your pick Tari?

Anyway, send Scott a message here:  [email protected]

Better yet, just send it to the whole Council:  [email protected]

If YOU don’t let him know, who will?

If I remember right, politicians consider every letter or email they receive as representing between 100 and 200 people.

If you are offended by Scott Black, please let him know.


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