Bloomington: meet Mayor Transparency

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Transparency Renner isn’t so transparent.  Keep in mind, he teaches kids at Wesleyan!

I had to file a lawsuit to obtain information RENNER wants hidden.  The email below isn’t the only one I have, it’s just the first.  Mayor Renner has a public persona, but out of the public eye he’s a totally different person.  He now believes he owns the City of Bloomington,  He has an agenda and he will not let anybody stand in his way – including the Council that supposedly represents the citizens.

Mayor Transparency owns the Pantagraph and WJBC.  Local media turned in their “watchdog” cards years ago.  They have no idea how to ask tough questions, investigate City spending, or expose local corruption.  Until Cities 92.9 started fighting back against the tyrant, Renner had no opposition from anybody other than 2 Council members.  Tari doesn’t care if most of the Council votes are 7-2, he still wins.  He just has to make the 2 aldermen appear clueless.  Isolate and target, then marginalize them.  This was clearly on display when Renner’s version of a budget debate took place last April.

Renner was livid when Cities 92.9 did their Flock the Tax Hike campaign.  How dare anybody challenge him!  The Pantagraph and WJBC never had, so he never saw it coming.  The citizens of Bloomington were handed 3 tax hikes. Renner wanted them to happen with nobody noticing.  Cities blew that for him.  Note in the email what he says about the budget deliberations and debate.  “It was a sad time in Bloomington”.  Really Tari?  Because the entire Council didn’t roll over and let you pat their stomachs?  It was a sad time, listening to your lies about 9 months of negotiations and telling Alderwoman Stearns she didn’t know what she was talking about.  You were the one “making stuff up Tari”.

Note this email was sent to the entire Council.  Evidently the potted plants have no problem with Tari’s attitude.  It must be fine with them when Tari makes derogatory comments about “meds”.  I’ve found that people who accuse other people of something are usually guilty themselves.  What “meds” are you off of Mayor?  The County has a big problem with mental health issues, but you call people “off their meds”?  Now you think people with mental health issues are a joke Tari?

Obviously Tari is attempting to vilify anyone who challenges him.  He has no clue what a representative republic is.  Just because you win an election doesn’t mean no other opinions matter Tari.  Cities has a lot of people wanting flamingos because they represent an abuse of power and an abuse of taxpayers.  You are the one bringing national politics to the local level.  At the local level IS the place to hold the elected accountable.  This email proves you don’t care about any opinions different from yours.  You also don’t care about the citizens who put those flamingos in their yards.  You must also not care about all the businesses closing in Bloomington.  You took more money from citizens giving them less to spend where they wanted to.  K-Mart is your latest victim.   Take your “meds” Tari.  Then get your head out of left-wing propaganda and learn how to govern in a way where everybody has a voice, not just your supporters.  Lying about opponents to marginalize them is very unbecoming!

The first lawsuit is continuing.  The City of Bloomington is now refusing to even answer Freedom of Information Act requests.  They need a second lawsuit filed against them, but I’m not footing the bill this time.

Mayor Renner has destroyed the dignity of the office of Mayor.



5 thoughts on “Bloomington: meet Mayor Transparency

  1. Mayor Renner is clearly a progressive hack promoting left wing politics at the local level. First, Renner signed on to deny science and promote Obama’s climate change project. This project is designed to shut down coal fired power plants and by pass congress to do so by asking Obama to act like a dictator. Second, Renner signed onto promoting the concept of net neutrality. Although Renner is not a computer expert and although he has never even ran a lemonade stand he thinks he understands this complex issue and the business models of internet companies. Third, Renner eagerly looks to the McLean County Regional Planning Commission as his link to promoting federal policy at the local level.

  2. I think the mayor has displayed another rant unbecoming of an elected official and needs a time out in the corner. How anyone on council respects this man is beyond my comprehension of basic manners that one would think a 3 year should grasp.

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