Is Fazzini incompetent or ? UPDATE!

WGLT digs up more information!


In a random act of journalism, WGLT sheds light on the project and the guy behind the project:

by:  Diane Benjamin

Tuesday night former Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini is presenting his ideas for getting your money to a joint meeting of the Normal and Bloomington City Councils.  Remember Rob is the same guy who stated at a Council meeting that a gas tax doesn’t raise the price, but I digress.  I’m sure any average citizen could get both Council together – obviously no crony capitalism here.

Side note:  Normal, I wonder if it’s an Open Meetings Act violation to not have the Agenda posted where all the other Agendas are posted?  What are you hiding?

Back in July, Fazzini is quoted in the Pantagraph saying his plans for your garbage will cost less than the City is currently paying for dumping it.  The City now pays $46.46 per ton…

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