Why is Tari allowed to denigrate the mentally ill?

by:  Diane Benjamin

The email below was printed earlier today.  It’s not the first time Tari has talked about “meds”.  He obviously has a problem with anyone he doesn’t agree with.   But Tari appears to have a problem with anyone who takes “meds” for mental health issues too.

Tari, do you have a problem with returning vets who need “meds” for PTSD?

What about all the homeless people in downtown Bloomington and at the library?  Do they need their “meds”.

What about the problems at the County jail with mentally ill prisoners?  Do you look down on them too for needing “meds”.  Are you against spending money to take care of them?

Or Tari, do you only look down on people YOU think need “meds”.  Where is your MD certificate Tari?  You seem to know a lot about who needs “meds”!  Which ones are you on?

Here’s the first email:

_____________Tari also made this comment on my site last December:


Tari Renner
[email protected]

Come to a Mayoral Open House or some public forum so you make your case!
Your BS will become apparent to anyone not on their meds.
I’m copying my comments to see if you just delete them.
If you do, it will be interesting to see how you defend your actions in public.
I have no problems doing so because I have nothing to hide and am confident that
I’ve done the right thing .
I doubt you feel the same way!


Evidently, anyone who agrees with me also needs “meds”.

People with a mental illness belong to a protected class.  The Mayor of Bloomington has once again shown himself to be below the dignity of the office, his comments may even break the law.  Does the Council care that the Mayor denigrates a protected class? 






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