Mayor Transparency Exposed

by:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Transparency Renner’s problems started when the Council held an Executive Session on November 15th.  Executive sessions are defined by law and can only be used for very specific purposes.   This post from yesterday has the details:

The Mayor wants people to believe Alderwoman Judy Stearns walked out of a perfectly legal executive session, stated she was going to file, and then did file a Request for Review with the Illinois Attorney General – all for absolutely no reason.  Renner wants you to believe Stearns would risk her credibility for some unknown agenda!  Why is the Bloomington Mayor so upset if the tape will vindicate him?  

The Attorney General’s office didn’t have to take the case, they CHOOSE to review the complaint.  They have told the City to provide them a copy of the tape.  Is that why Renner has been on a campaign ever since the accusations went public to marginalize Ms. Stearns?  If he is so confident, why the attacks Mayor?

More than once Renner has stated everything said in SECRET was later discussed in the open.  Mayor Transparency obviously doesn’t understand what Executive Sessions are for!  Did you forget the Council is required to vote to release the minutes of Executive Sessions Mayor?  Remember when the Council reviewed past minutes and voted NOT to release them?  Was there a vote to go public with what was discussed Mr. Mayor?

Tari Renner does not understand laws are enacted to protect citizens. Look at the Attorney General’s Public Access website:

In Big letters Tari:


Last night Mayor Renner posted 4 comments to this site.  They are personal attacks on me.  Ensuring Open and Honest Government is why I report what other media doesn’t.  Mayor Renner would prefer I was just like the rest of the media – in his pocket.

Below are his posts – copied exactly as he wrote them.   The citizens deserve to know who they elected Mayor.  He says nothing specific, just attempts to marginalize me.

Exactly how are you going to hold me accountable Tari?

Tari Renner
[email protected]
Submitted on 2013/12/21 at 9:47 pm

As usual Diane, almost everything you’ve said is totally untrue and inaccurate!
When we had conversations in the past, I thought you had some degree of
integrity. But, clearly I was totally mistaken.
But your actions speak louder than your words!
Your actions demonstrate that you’re clearly not concerned about decency or truth.
Just you’re own ego or some other psychological problem(s).
In this situation, as usual, you have no concept of reality! Everything was made public on the very same day!
Nothing was withheld from the public – except the specific
names of employees.
Again, you can just throw irresponsible ‘bombs’ that have no morale compass or purpose except self aggrandizement.
YOU need to be held accountable Diane!

My reply to above-the next day:

Cloward and Piven Tari? Release the tape and prove me wrong! What is the purpose of Executive Sessions? They are suppose to be discussions of things that need to be private. Discussing whatever later in the day defeats the whole purpose and violates the law – Mr. Professor.


Tari Renner
[email protected]

I’m just reading this now and it seems clear that you seem to be totally crazy!
There was NOTHING to cover up or any logic to your illegal rant!
You clearly don’t care about the truth or decency or morality or the public interest – just feeding your own sick obsession!
Again, this site shows anyone can just make stuff up as you do Diane.
The realities you create exist in your mind are NOT OUT HERE IN THE REAL WORLD!
You have had an open mike Diane to just make stuff up but you can’t take
any scrutiny because you have NO accountability and absolutely NO standards of evidence (at least known to modern humanity!)
Those of us who do have accountability on a daily (if not moment by moment basis)
are actually making things happen.
Maybe you should get a real life Diane and try to actually DO SOMETHING!
That’s a radical concept for you I realize!

Tari Renner
[email protected]

Come to a Mayoral Open House or some public forum so you make your case!
Your BS will become apparent to anyone not on their meds.
I’m copying my comments to see if you just delete them.
If you do, it will be interesting to see how you defend your actions in public.
I have no problems doing so because I have nothing to hide and am confident that
I’ve done the right thing .
I doubt you feel the same way!

My reply to above-the next day:

I just inform the citizens Tari, I’m lucky enough not to live in Bloomington. Again, release the tape.


Tari Renner
[email protected]

Great progress toward open government in Bloomington is happening on a daily basis!
Open Houses, Town hall meetings, totally open reports to the press on everything!
Further, the Illinois Policy Institute has increased the city’s rating dramatically from around 51 to around 77.
We have more work to do, of course, but the diatribes on this site are inconsistent with reality. Some individuals have no concept of how to actually help make things better – only how to tear progress down Unfortunately, ,that’s become Diane Benjamin’s obsession – totally tear down – WHILE INCREDIBLE PROGRESS IS BEING MADE!
Anyone can ‘make nonsense up’ like Diane Benjamin, but few can make progress for the future.




20 thoughts on “Mayor Transparency Exposed

  1. This is very unprofessional and he should be held at a much higher standard than yourself. However, that being said I think it would only be truly transparent of yourself to post your own replies to those messages. Even if you were threatening his mother, nothing would make his responses acceptable.

    But really, post your replies as well because you wouldn’t appreciate the reverse situation.
    Long time fan

    1. Unless of course you didn’t respond and he simply ranted below articles.
      Then that should be made clear.
      I just cant link this page with missing context.

      1. I only responded to 2 comments – the next day. I added them to the post.
        This wasn’t a discussion between us, Renner posted the comments when I wasn’t on-line.

  2. Wonder if the rubber stamp 7 will rubber stamp these rants as well. Or will they hang their head in shame and demand an executive session to spank the spoiled child?

  3. Wow, !!Lets see if he can wiggle out of lies,when the A G gets through with him,to spew such uneducated remarks ….. a coward mouse will fight back if cornered !! Stupidity has no limited Warranty !!

    1. William J and Diane always cry that the sky is falling after every public meeting. What has become of all of these ‘open meeting act violations’ anyway. nothing. that’s what. a form letter maybe at worst. To allege that Mayor Renner is breaking the law is just plain false and libelous. Just because you and Judy Stearns do not like it, does not make it illegal.

      1. Maybe you should read the law! The AG is horribly over-worked because people like me across the state are finally holding government accountable. They are close to 2 years behind on rulings.

  4. Diane, are you blind ? Tari Renner is the GOOD guy, fighting the GOOD FIGHT to free Bloomington from the overpaid and underworked fool bureaucrats that have done their level best to run Bloomington into the ground financially for decades. You really think Tari is the enemy and not transparent ? You don’t know the facts. I suppose you yearn for a Bloomington under the Jesse Smart or Tom Hamilton era of transparency and policies huh ? As for being are marginalizing yourself with your unfair characterization of Tari and his efforts. The PEOPLE of Bloomington have never had a better ally than Tari Renner as Mayor. It seems you are losing the plot Diane. You should see that Tari is shaking things up at city hall – for the better !

    1. So Tari has the right to break the law because he is doing it for the right reason? Why are there any laws at all? Why don’t we let every public official just wing it? Nobody held the people you mentioned accountable. Tari is being held accountable and he obviously hates it.

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