Farewell Tari Renner

By: Diane Benjamin


Monday will be the final meeting for:

All three will be recognized at the start of the meeting. Kim’s common sense will be missed. I wonder if Joni ever figure out she was lied to? https://blnnews.com/2015/10/26/problem-joni/

I have my own parting gifts for Tari!


Remember last February when Tari Renner claimed the Edgar County Watchdogs aren’t media, report nonsense, are the least creditable possible, and talk out of body orifices not their mouth? My appearance at Public Comment set him off!

Hey Tari! Has Real Clear Politics ever done a story on you? They did a glowing piece on the Watchdogs! In case you missed it:



Who can forget this one, I think he walked around downtown Bloomington dressed like this:


In 2014 I posted this clip of Tari being a jerk to Alderman Judy Stearns during a Council meeting. Recently it again starting getting lots of views from all over the country. It just passed 32,000. Maybe this will get Tari in a Real Clear Politics story. Obviously he has a huge problem with strong conservative women!


Unless Tari decides to seek higher office this will be the last time I get to print what got him censured.

From a Pantagraph story months ago recapping his tenure:

What Tari wrote:

Did Tari ever figure out where I attacked his son?

I hope Tari provides material for another great clip Monday night as a parting gift!

Maybe I should show up at Public Comment.






7 thoughts on “Farewell Tari Renner

  1. Gee, do you think Bloomington might need a code of conduct policy for the mayor and Council members?

  2. Tari will buzz off to another nice community — like an attention-sucking parasite — to do damage there. How sad for Jenn that her champion, mentor, and council meeting texting/snark buddy is leaving. Sociopaths need to support each other! The only thing I’ll miss is seeing karma catch up to him, as it most certainly will.

  3. A truly egotistical manipulator – disingenuous to his very core. Bloomington is way better off without him and his ilk.

  4. Hey Tari if you’re reading this I just want to let you know that between you and Judy, you take the prize for worst mayor ever.It was close due to her ignorance but you still win the poop prize. Most of that because of your ill treatment of women such as Judy Stearns and Daine Benjamin. Whatever you choose to do in your future I hope karma visits you everyday as you deserve.

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