Bah humbug – No Bloomington Christmas

By:  Diane Benjamin

From last year – 11/24/2014 Council meeting:




From the 12/6/2-14 Council meeting:




This year Christmas didn’t happen at City Hall, at least in public.  There was no tree lighting ceremony.  Maybe the only reason it happened last year was Alderman Stearns insisted, Alderman Schmidt didn’t care to continue the tradition?

I wonder if employees fed themselves instead at your expense.  Should be interesting.






9 thoughts on “Bah humbug – No Bloomington Christmas

  1. Oh well cash flow issues in 2015 likely circumvented any tree lighting or else some manager missed engaging a consulting firm to evaluate.

    On another note, what’s up with the Pansygraph beating up on Mitsubishi I wonder? “Editorial: Mitsubishi request is second hit for community” Too chicken xxxx I guess to open that up for comments. Sounds like business sense to me to request a reduction in property taxes.

  2. With the avoidance of the pc crowd to avoid acknowledging Christmas in public, still these hypocrites take their Christmas holidays and exchange gifts, etc., etc., etc. Maybe someone ought to sue the the governments for paying people for no work on paid Christmas holidays. Threaten their paid holidays and then maybe they’ll open their eyes a bit.

    1. I was just contemplating that very thing! No days off, no overtime, – if it’s not a real holiday because they are too politically correct – no benefits from it either!

  3. Now, now. There was an interfaith “peace celebration” last week in downtown Bloomington.

    Meanwhile, the government has fleeced the sheep on their way to the manger. Maybe the city is standing in solidarity with the poor and unemployed who can’t afford the cost of a tree or the electricity.

    1. But of course that’s it, the transparency agenda of what we’ll let you see. Renner’s culture change. We’ll redefine the meaning of common terms to fit our (Marxist) agenda. Then, once we close the curtain, it’s curtains for you poor folks.

  4. I wonder who the idiot was that started this pc anti-Christmas stuff, especially in retail. Just think, they’ve got one time of year that they count on people to shop and spend money then they throw out the curve ball and avoid wishing their customers Merry Christmas as if it were the plague. Oh, you can’t say Merry Christmas as you might offend someone. Bah, humbug! The fools in retail should be celebrating Christmas in a jovial way as to make folks feel good. When people feel good, they spend more. The tradition of the top buying season of the year and they change it in a negative way, promoting negative sales.

  5. I remember DOWNTOWN as a kid being FULL of people saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and the jewelry stores, clothing stores and leather goods places would be packed, folks would show what they were getting for others, decorations on the poles, and you could cross the street without stepping in a pothole or worry about getting hit by a cellphone talking driver, and people would even get NEW BOOTS to trudge through the snow, and WE LIKED IT THAT WAY! As for these PC idiots, they’re too “wrapped up” (no pun intended) in their agenda worlds to have ANY fun, that’s WHY they have to go to “light lunches” @ $100 each with each other, would YOU want THESE people in YOUR family Christmas gathering, REALLY?? MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!!

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