Is Bloomington WAKING up?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Somebody put this flyer on cars parked at Eastland Mall. 

Are the citizens finally realizing their government is on the wrong track?


PS:  I had NOTHING to do with this.

10 thoughts on “Is Bloomington WAKING up?

  1. Excellent! I like the website name that they noted, although my initial search found nothing at the web address provided. We (do) deserve better. The old adage of we get the government we deserve was a cliche that was probably started by one of those that we don’t deserve. Yes we Do deserve better, no matter how the vote, no one deserves a bunch of uncaring, no good rotten to the core, lying, thieving crony politicians.

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        Mayor Renner, David Hales and all but one city council member enjoy it while you can. So long you liberal spenders. Just got to love it.

  2. These were also on the table outside the Council Chambers last week. Great to see they are being distributed around town.

  3. Hope they got one on EVERY car at the mall, because the “pansy graph” sure as heck isn’t going to tell US the truth, they ARE the spin doctors for the gang of thieves!! I’d be ALL FOR a raise in garbage fees IF we could toss em ALL TO THE CURB.

  4. You may not have directly had anything to do with this, but it could be a reader inspired by you reporting to do something (and, no, it was not me either, my fourth kid was born a month ago so I’m rather busy at the moment)

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