Start at the beginning: Tari & Judy

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Executive Session that Judy Stearns walked out of was held during a RETREAT held 11/15/2013 and 11/16/2013.  Tari had been Mayor since May 1st.

The retreat was held at the Den at Fox Creek – so NO video exists because the retreat room isn’t equipped for live stream.

On the 15th, according to the agenda, the meeting lasted from 8:00am – 5:00pm.  The schedule for the 16th was the same.

Agenda 11/15:

Agenda 11/16:

Citizens may have attended for an hour of two, but I doubt anybody gave up two days to attend the entire retreat.  Frankly, I’m surprised the Council did!

Now see this page:

I don’t understand the difference between “Record of Motion and Votes” and “Proceedings”, but look under both for minutes of the retreat held in 2013.

They don’t exist!

Tari claims everything they discussed in Executive Session was later discussed in open session.

  • Who attended Tari? Who heard the discussion?
  • Video doesn’t exist
  • Minutes don’t exist

What proof do you have of everything being discussed in open session Tari?


Then in June 2014 falsified minutes of the Executive Session were put on the Consent Agenda just to deceive citizens into thinking transparency exists.  The law requires redacted parts to be shown, obviously that was known since that version also exists.

Taxpayers of Bloomington need to read the minutes released in June.  Hindsight shows a lot of what Renner planned for “Culture Change”:  Not Redacted 40f1746-11-15-13-closed-meeting-minutesr-2

We won’t know the real story until the audio is released.  Even then, without a lawsuit, things could be redacted illegally.

Don’t forget Tari’s frequent attacks in open session on Stearns after this incident.  Now we know why.

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3 thoughts on “Start at the beginning: Tari & Judy

  1. We all know Tari’s reading this blog and his little ego makes him want to respond, but it’s killing him because he said he wouldn’t read this anymore!

    He thought all of this was a non-issue…that nobody would figure it out…knowing the local media was too lazy to dig into this – preferring instead to talk about flamingos and hotels.

    Now he’s having to be defensive, whiny, insulting, unprofessional and completely immature trying to show how powerful and enlightened he is.


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