Stearns response to Renner – Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I posted the 2nd email Tari Renner sent to Judy Stearns, but I didn’t post Judy’s response.  See this post:

The original email exchange started here:

As a review, here is Tari’s 2nd email:

rennHere is Judy’s response:

s1The next Council meeting could get interesting!

Maybe Tari can explain why the Executive Session has two different sets of minutes.







  1. This city would improve 10 fold if only Judy would run for mayor. On several occasions over the years I have urged her to do so. However I can understand why she would not want to subject herself to what would be a brutal campaign. It is great to see that Judy is still giving these liberal socialists hell and thanks Diane for keeping us up on the exchanges.


    • Maybe she should seriously consider running. I do mean that. I’m sure the opposition would get pretty dirty to try to look her bad to win. Giving them a good fight and opposition is what is needed. Maybe then the voters will finally wake up.

      I do like her response, right back into Renner’s lap especially about giving the info in pubic comments out into the open. I agree, why hide it. This way it doesn’t get hidden under some rug so to speak.


  2. Bottom line, LIES beget lies, and after awhile it is difficult to keep the “house of cards” in order. Maybe Tari should read The PRINCE!


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