Renner & Hauman running scared!

This story has two updates:


By:  Diane Benjamin

After Judy Stearns reamed out most of the Council Monday night, Alderman Hauman and Mayor Renner had to attack her via email.

Note:  When Judy was on the Council she refused to give me emails under some belief that she shouldn’t.  Now she’s free to share them with me.

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Start with Hauman and Judy’s response:

She won’t read Judy’s response!?!
hbNow for Renner.  Nothing hidden?  Seriously?

What about the discussion of the Police Union?  Exactly what did Hales say Mayor?

(He hadn’t seen my previous story when he wrote this:





8 thoughts on “Renner & Hauman running scared!

  1. Oh how I wish Judy were still on the Council…I understand she can be more vocal now….but WOW would I love to see those fireworks. Tari is just the absolute worst.

  2. NOWHERE in Diana’s letter DOES she mention, STREETS, economic growth, QUALITY of life, infrastructure and so on. She just listed what SHE does, I bet the REST of the council (save one) would do the same. For them and Tari, it’s ME, ME, ME and the citizens be damned. Kudos to Judy, and as for the council, I sure hope when it comes election day, it’s HOPEFULLY NOT going to be about me, me me.

  3. Judy was justifiably angry when she spoke at Monday’s meeting. Having a volatile temper myself, I can relate. What she said about representation of the community as a whole was absolutely correct. I am personally offended that the Council dismisses the desires of the citizenry. Most Bloomington residents are disenfranchised and therefore do not speak up–it’s a waste of time. Chastising the Council for not complying with the spirit of the AG’s ruling was also justifiable.
    My question is, what is worse–to say the Council members don’t care or that they are failing at their job? How about saying their priorities are distorted? How about saying the Council is out of touch with reality and “off their meds?” Just saying’…

  4. There is so much in this article that is troubling if not downright frightening. I’m not sure where to begin, but for me it has to start with the gross violation of the Public Comment portion of this week’s Council meeting. Renner continues to interrupt people, correct them or voice his disagreements with speakers and now follow up with threatening emails. All this from a man who obviously has had his share of email problems in the past if I remember correctly. This is wrong and illegal.

    It’s clear this Council hates public comment, but citizens have a right to speak and their right to speak must be defended along with the freedom to do so without fear of retribution or disrespect. Renner and Hauman have seriously crossed the line with these emails to Judy. Even if this is “grandstanding” as Renner refers to it, so what. That does not give him or Hauman the right to send these emails to speakers. Were Judy’s remarks Monday night any more “grandstanding” than the man who shouted, “Black lives matter” after he threw our police department under the bus? I don’t particularly care for those comments, yet I will defend his right to say it.

    This is serious stuff folks and we need to wake up to what a freedom thief Renner and Company are.

  5. Knowing she is going to be attacked for her remarks, she is still willing to stand up for what is right! People like Judy have become far to scarce in the public areana today and we need her back on the council or better yet in the mayor’s chair.

  6. Once again, you can just hear the disdain, unprofessionalism and inability to cope with disagreement in Tari’s voice as he 1) responds when he shouldn’t, 2) tells her she’s out of order and 3) when he sneers at her and tells her to sit down.

    This man is compensating so hard and honestly feels he’s superior to those who disagree with him. He’d never make it in the real world.

  7. Makes one WONDER how his Political Science students will turn out? Will they see the faults and NOT want to be like their professor, or will they emulate him and become the NEXT generation of mini ME’s? I sure hope it’s the former if they want to pay the bills. NO ONE at ANY level of the field is ABOVE the law, and being Illinois citizens, I don’t think anyone knows that better then we do. i.e.: Hastert, Blogovich, Ryan, Walker, et al.

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