Renner emails Judy AGAIN!

Tomorrow I will print Judy’s response!


By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari is a slow learner!  See previous post:

Below is his latest email to Judy:

rennLet me help you Tari:

REDACTED 201606131459-1

Below are pages 2,3 and 4 with a lot of BLACK AREAS.

That’s what has been kept from the public!

There’s a total of 13 pages, many look just like these.

Much ado about absolutely nothing substantive?




7 thoughts on “Renner emails Judy AGAIN!

  1. Hey Diane, Last paragraph, last page, “assist in culture change”? Do you know what kind of culture we are changing?? Just curious…

    Donnie Shields


    1. Think of another politician who has been working very hard to fundamentally change America. Read the Bring It on Bloomington Master Plan. It lays out in detail how the culture of the city will be changed.

  2. Renner can’t help himself. He as to have the last word. Maybe, if pushed hard enough he will go on one of his email rampages again.

  3. Hmm, that email to Judy is quite bold in of itself. He should have done the smart thing and never sent it, period! It’s as if he is tossing it back to Judy to provide what it is. The State’s Attorney’s office agreed with Judy. What part does he not understand?

    Why if I was Judy I wouldn’t even reply or give him the time of day. What it appears he is doing is fishing for what not to eventually release to the public and keep redacted.

    I just hope he never gets re-elected ever again.

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