Bombshell followup: Revisit April 14, 2014

By:  Diane Benjamin

April 14, 2014 was the Council meeting where CIAM’s management agreement was changed to allow Junior Hockey instead of Professional Hockey.  The badly worded contract could have been scrapped and renegotiated, the City choose not to.

I realize most readers NEVER watch the video’s I post.  You prefer reading what was said, but this is one video that NEEDS to be watched!

Former Alderwoman Stearns stated her concerns about the Coliseum – including concessions.  She is referring to something the auditors stated that she called “deadly serious”.  She was blown off by Mayor Renner and David Hales.  She was promised the Council would meet by June 30th to discuss her concerns – it never happened..

Just hit play:

Concession problems could have been fixed in 2014.  Renner/Hales didn’t.

From the meeting minutes:

absent votecolThe usual two Aldermen voted for citizens, the others didn’t.

Luckily two are up for election next year.  Two of the absent aldermen are too.

3 thoughts on “Bombshell followup: Revisit April 14, 2014

  1. You are incorrect in stating that readers never watch the videos you post of the Council meetings. I do! I also go online and watch both Bloomington and Normal Town Council meetings in their entirety. My daughter thinks I’m weird, but it’s the best show in town. Access to these meetings is central to our form of government and holding our elected officials accountable. And, if you watch very long at the pooling of ignorance that goes on at these meetings, we’re in trouble. I would also point out, that video recordings do not exist of the McLean County Board, but listening to the audio recordings would indicate a rather “entertaining” show as well. McLean County Board meetings are conveniently held the third Tuesday of each month at 9 am when the rest of the world is working to pay the taxes imposed on us by our elected officials. So, some type of follow up recording is essential to knowing what’s going on. Further, no recording exists of Tari’s open house meetings where he continues to direct citizens to go air their grievances with the city instead of open comment at the Council meetings which is recorded. So, no one is seeing or hearing his disrespect for citizens who disagree with him and the pompous way he defends his positions by putting down citizens who aren’t drinking his Kool Aide. I know. I’ve been there, done that and don’t go any more. A complete waste of time of a Friday afternoon, conveniently held at 4:30. Sorry Tari, but you’re interrupting my happy hour.

  2. I agree with 4-H. I watch the videos because the minutes only summarize what was said. The Public Comments are not included in the minutes any more. The videos show nuances in body language and tone that cannot be ascertained from the minutes. I also find it valuable to go back and review the videos to see discrepancies related to the Pantagraph reporting and interviews–there are many. Reviewing the videos also expose the contradictions politicians make.

    There have been many occasions, in addition to CIAM, where problems could have been resolved which would have saved tax dollars or improved services. Instead, certain voices have been dismissed. So many of the Council members and the Mayor have tunnel vision and miss the broader picture. The Council’s and Mayor’s job is to protect the citizens and be good stewards of the city’s resources, both financial and physical.

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