UPDATE: Despicable WJBC

I found this while looking for something else and just had to add it:



By:  Diane Benjamin

Why a “legitimate” news agency would follow the loathsome people behind “Citizens Deserve better Than Kevin Lower” is beyond comprehension.  These are the same people who accused the Bloomington police of harassing them at a local park after their protest at Darin Lahood’s office.  WJBC gave them way too much time then without listening to what they said.  Their spokesperson claimed she was so upset that she pulled her car out of a parking spot, then sat nearby for another 5 minutes, then left, and then returned to find nobody there.

WOW!  She must have been scared to death!

Did WJBC notice her actions didn’t match her rhetoric?  Evidently not.

These are the same people making vulgar comments on my site, which I didn’t post, and they have attempted to harass me on Twitter.  I’m sure they will attempt to comment on this post and they will again be unsuccessful.

WJBC tried to equate the comment made by Kevin Lower in 2014, which could be taken many ways, with the comments on this site by Tari Renner which led to his censure.  He is the only mayor in the history of Bloomington ever censured!  These clowns had to troll Lower back 3 years to find something offensive only in their heads!

A racist under every rock no longer works, the Democrat party wore that one out back in 2009.  Twisting every comment made to imply somebody is a racist is the epitome of stupidity.  WJBC showed just how low they will go to defeat any candidates that aren’t far left.

The last time I posted Renner’s vulgarity, some readers were seeing it for the first time.  Since some people don’t know, I’m going to re-post it with context this time.

His comments were made to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2015/02/10/does-tari-know-that-judy-isnt-running/

Tari had recruited IWU students to attack Judy Stearns at Council.  One just happened to be the President of the campus Democrats.  Surprise Surprise.

The story had nothing to do with Tari’s sons and there never was an attack.  It was merely an excuse Tari dreamed up for his extremely offensive speech.

Below is the comment I made and then Tari’s (drug or alcohol induced?) response claiming I attacked his son:

I can’t wait for the Pantagraph and the Chamber of Commerce to endorse Tari Renner for Mayor.

They will join WJBC in the ranks of media not worth listening to because their FAKE NEWS is beyond reprehensible.

The Chamber of Commerce will prove they value Tari Renner’s tax and spend policies over local businesses he is putting out of business.

Why is anybody still a member of the Chamber?

Why would anybody listen to WJBC?  Their new afternoon guy is way beyond left.  I hope his ratings tank along with ad revenue WJBC desperately needs.

Renner will probably have more outrageous tricks to play before the election.  He sure can’t win on his tax and spend policies.

34 thoughts on “UPDATE: Despicable WJBC

  1. Really, Diane? Do you believe for a second this is all they have on Lower? Come on now. You know better than that. Sounds like they are building a case day by day. In the same way they did with Ian Bayne. But sure, engaged citizens are loathesome.

    1. I’m allowing this comment so people see what you clowns are. You didn’t defeat Ian Bayne, he defeated himself by not showing up at debates. No matter what you claim to find on Kevin, it will never top what Renner did and his censure. Even Tari said at the last debate Kevin a good man.

    2. The crap they spewed about Ian Bayn was juvenile. I read every single post and laughed at the pettiness and I really was amazed at the numerous false claims and half truths posted. Ian made many mistakes. Rule 1- Personal attacks should be avoided- eleven with your opponent. I’m not a huge fan of Lower, but Ian’s atttacks on Lower cost him votes. Rule 2- Always show up! Rule 3- Don’t piss people off by deleting their questions when you don’t like their questions. These actions cost Ian, not the loudmouth idiots who think that they matter.

    3. Making things up day by day only gets them one comment that is about as eroneous as a three dollar bill. Yeah cause you’ve got nothing. However your acceptance of the Renner verbal abuse towards Diane Benjamin and Judy Sterns is okay with you SG?

    4. Oh, SG, nice to see a comment from you again. Maybe you should take a quote from your idol. “Facts Matter!” All that is necessary to find blatant lies from the current mayor is to scroll his official 2017 reelection FB page. Even his campaign rhetoric contains falsehoods. You must be upset you and your group were overwhelmed at the recent debate. Chin up. Don’t feel bad that Renner’s opponent got the Better of him.

  2. This is the same group that harassed Ian Bayne. The group consists of several middle aged liberal women who admit to being agitators. Another frequent commenter is a local attorney. WJBC staff and on air personalities belong to their page as well as the their counterparts from WGLT and staff from the Pantagraph. Buddha Jones aka Aaron Leneve is a frequent commenter. For those of you who don’t know who this character is, he’s the creep dressed in green who shows up at City Council Meetings and at public comment , speaks like a fool from another planet. Nano Nano. Last time he addressed the Council a few week ago, he verbally attacked Lower and Renner feigned faux indignation and cut him off and asked him to leave. Fast forward a week or two, the idiot spaceman shows up in the background of a photo taken by the Pantagraph of Renner at his Primary night HQ party. Now if I was a betting man, I’d lay some money down on Renner being behind this chumps act before the Council, as well as organizing these roller derby loudmouths into harassing his opponents . These people thrive on hate. They are bullies. They are what they profess to be against. Black Lives Matter was born out of lie, “hands up, don’t shoot”. They scream ” pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon”. There nothing noble about that. It’s a hate group despite what the left says. While I’m not defending Lowers statement, I think it’s time that WJBC just stick to reporting news. There is an incestuous relationship between WJBC, WGLT, & The Pantagraph and the left wing progressives.

    1. Read the entire article on WJBC’s FB page. Then listen to the response Alderman Lower made. Facts matter. Headlines in the local media are misleading. That is how rumors get started.

  3. It is a sad commentary that most media sources in this area are merely monkeys dancing on command. Apologies to the monkeys as they are Gods creatures.
    Diane, most people I know already realize the crap they are peddling doesn’t wash.
    These “media” sources are merely some sand in the vasaline of life.
    Lose the hate and do what needs to be done. While I don’t always agree with your thoughts I appreciate someone who is fighting the fight.
    When you are right, believe. Now let’s talk about the Slantagraph, just kidding. Keep your faith. Harry Fuller (listen to some John Prine, “it’s a 1/2 an inch of water you think your gonna drown. That’s the way the world goes round”

    1. I just don’t agree with your “lose the hate” comment Harry. There is no hate here. Diane just reports the truth, geesh!

  4. WJBC is comparing apples to oranges. I would say I find nothing wrong with Kevin Lowers comment.
    We quit listening to WJBC years ago. It isn’t the same as it once was.

  5. Sadly, WJBC is not even a shell of its former self, and the BEST thing on WGLT is their Thursday nights with Don Munson. Otherwise its liberal goo too! Course IF I were a liberal, I’d get my news on the internet, because EVERYTHING on here is true!
    Just ask SG.

  6. Hey now Diane, I’m not a roller derby chick and I didn’t even know most of ’em til the whole Real Comments of Ian Bayne thing caught on, haha. Also now that Bayne is done I have nothing to do with any Lower sabotage nor do I care. Kevin Lower said something racist. Renner did not. But since he hurt your feelings that makes what he said worse in your view. Put yourself in the shoes of a black citizen and think about if your mayor said you should go back to Africa- That would hurt your feelings and upset you, right? The WJBC post was kind of funny and messing with Scott McCoy the Boy Mayor is too easy. Also know that Buddha is a good old friend of mine and neither of us have any personal relationship with Renner or the group of gals you are referring to. We are our own whacko artist punk hippie disruptor hybrids and really we just like messin’ with y’all 😛

    1. Evidently you can read minds! That is not what the comment said. Keep in mind it was 2014 when America had no opportunities because of the despicable President who strangled the economy. There were opportunities all over the world that weren’t happening here. If you heard the Lower interview this morning he mentioned he thought about moving to Nigeria. He lost his pilots job here, he could have worked there.

      1. That interview happened after he had the night to think up something to say to keep himself out of hot water after he vehemently denied even making that comment or membership to that fb group! Have you considered that maybe they are both not ideal candidates? You are fighting tooth and nail to defend a guy who has made several racist comments online. At least you aren’t encouraging people to not vote haha. Also, I remember the economic crash in 2007-2008 during a different despicable president’s administration. Things have been on the up and up since then. Just curious, Diane, are you a fan of the current administration or do you take up beef with every politician with the exception of your personal friends?

      2. Do you really think that Buddha and I or the group of women are hired by Renner? If anything he does not like us sticking our noses in because it makes him look bad to the crowd who may be on the fence in this election.

      3. Well Lyzz, Renner used his children as his excuse for a late night tirade. Renner was allowed to continue as mayor even though his judgement was and is questionable.

      4. Yeah, but that, like Lower’s comment, was a while ago and you noticed that it hasn’t happened since? If we are going to get up in arms over late night tirades why are we not criticizing the president and his (likely drug and booze fueled) irresponsible tweeting? Lower is no Bayne (thankfully) but there is always room to scrutinize any candidate, as we should. There’s no way I am imagining the racism in his comment because there are many others who take it that way too, not all socially progressive people are the “libtards” that teabaggers make them out to be.

      5. Lyzz, do some original research. Don’t be a sheep and agree with what the crowd says. You claim to be a free thinker and an individualist. Act like one.

    2. Alderman Lower did not make a racist comment. The people behind the hate-filled website against Alderman Lower as well as WJBC are trying to imply that the comment is racist. I know of no one who can read someone’s mind and know the intent behind a comment, especially one posted on a web page

      This is the comment Alderman Lower made (cut & pasted): “There are certainly many more current opportunities on the African continent than on the North American. …” referring to economic opportunities associated with an emerging market in third world counties in 2014.

      Alderman Lower has 30 years of business experience in the private sector. He is well informed about global markets and economies. Alderman Lower’s goal for Bloomington is to provide an atmosphere that will attract companies that provide well paying jobs for the benefit of all citizens.

      It is the ACTIONS of progressive liberals who favor burdensome and regressive taxation, as the majority of the Council and current mayor do, are those who support racism by perpetuating poverty for all, especially for people of color.

  7. WJBC should be ashamed of itself for reporting their story about a comment made by Alderman Lower without thoroughly researching the Facebook page in question. A brief review would have shown them that Alderman Lower was added to the page which can happen without your request. Alderman Lower never liked the page in question nor did he like any of the other comments. Reporting slanderous material on the basis of an anonymous phone call is journalistic malpractice. Someone should be held accountable for this fiasco.

  8. In my mind, no side has the moral high ground. Politics has devolved into turf wars, bipartisanship or working with the other side is seen as betrayal. Kevin Lower made an ambiguous remark and he can choose to spin it any way he wants and 50% will believe him and 50% will not. Tari threatens people and the same results happen. There is no consistency. As long as that person aligns with a platform we support, we are willing apologists for repulsive behavior. Either it is all wrong or none of it is. The consequences have to fit the action but no one seems compelled to account for their behavior unless they are facing criminal charges.

    1. HUGE difference between the Lower comment and Tari’s multiple verbal abuses to women that do not agree with him. Your analogy regarding this particular subject matter is horse manure.

    2. “As long as that person aligns with a platform we support, we are willing apologists for repulsive behavior. Either it is all wrong or none of it is.” No “we” are not apologists for repulsive behavior. You might be, but I am not. Repulsive is repulsive no matter who does it. That’s the real definition. Excuses are not acceptable and your claim is a con to justify Renners multiple abusive issues.

  9. WJBC has a history of attacking conservatives. 1. Recall when they ran a headline in a news story titled ‘Adam Kinzinger supports dirty air?” I think RC must of deleted that trash story when he left the station.
    2. Recall the story and outrage after Illinois State University head Basketball coach Dan Mueller Twitter in support of Chicken Filet?
    3. Recall about a year ago when the WJBC morning show tried to carry out a political hit job on Alderman Lower in a openly hostile ambush that they have never done on any other public official?

    At WJBC this is not only tolerated but in my view encouraged. Notice you have never heard WJBC claim to be objective? That’s because they know they are not objective journalism. A couple years ago one WJBC host had on a journalism expert and they gushed about ‘Advocacy based Journalism.’ That means they see it as their role to try to tell you what to think about the issues.

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