Question Tari’s character!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner LIED to me the first time I met him.  I knew he had been a speaker at “Camp Obama” in Normal, so I asked him about it.  He told me he was asked to tell the attendees what happens during the Iowa Caucuses.  Considering contrary information was on-line, I knew he was there to teach Community Organizing using Saul Alinsky tactics:  Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

This makes clear why Kevin Lower is under attack by Tari’s minions!

These attacks will continue because Tari has a bad record of massive tax increases, massive spending increases, and crony capitalism to run on.

Original story:

There are plenty more reasons to question Tari’s character.  See the video below.  More than once Tari recruited Brexton Issac, the President of the Democrats at IWU to attack Judy Stearns at Council.

Before the meeting starts, Alderman Joni Painter looks around the room and spots Issac.  She then tells Renner because Brexton hadn’t signed up to speak yet.  Renner gets up, gets a comment card from the clerk, takes it to Issac (off camera), and then hands it back to the clerk.  Brexton then reads the attack on Judy Stearns over Not In Our Town, the group that ignores liberal malfeasance.  His comments start at 18:25.  It was an obvious setup orchestrated by Renner to not only deflect his silence over a racist comment made by a local police officer, but also attack Alderwoman Judy Stearns.  Joni Painter was in on the plan.  Don’t miss Stearn’s response at 2:01:30.  EPIC!  Don’t miss Tari’s attempt to cut her off and Renner calling me a liar.

Does Renner have issues with all conservative women?  See this video where he is READING a prepared attack on Alderwomen Stearns.

His facts are dead wrong, but he keeps reading until Stearns speaks up – the attack by Renner continues until Alderman Lower intervenes.  Renner resumes his attack claiming Stearns wants to harm the City.

The only person harming the Bloomington is Renner with his massive tax increases and spending an additional $47 million.

I don’t know why any citizen of Bloomington would vote for Renner’s economic recklessness and extreme character flaws.

Renner is the only mayor ever censured for his behavior!

Re-electing him makes Not In Our Town immaterial.

Bloomington does deserve better.




3 thoughts on “Question Tari’s character!

  1. Tari is worried about PUBIC SAFETY? REALLY?? Driving the streets of Bloomington are more dangerous then police not being able to talk to UPTOWN. And Hales is wanting to talk about the BUDGET? What budget, more like a spending spree!
    Truly IRONIC!


    1. Right now Tari is worried about public safety. After the election Tari couldnt give a fig about public safety!


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