The MISSING Minutes

Were these minutes ever approved by the Council? 

By:  Diane Benjamin

On February 20, 2015, the Bloomington City Council held a special meeting to CENSURE Tari Renner for his vile comments made on this site.

The minutes have been missing ever since, a Freedom of Information Request had to be sent to obtain them.  Luckily, these minutes summarize what the Public said, unlike the minutes now.  The very not-transparent City of Bloomington doesn’t believe comments made by citizens should be part of the public written history.  Thank you Tari Renner – the change was made under Mayor Transparency’s leadership.

The minutes show a comment made by Tari Renner’s campaign treasurer – Rob Fazzini.  That would be the same former alderman who claimed a gas tax doesn’t raise the price of gas.

Read the minutes below or see the PDF Censure Meeting Minutes

Also below is a video which contains more information and the comments made by the Council. It was put together by a concerned citizen.

To understand the timeline, the censure meeting happened on February 21, 2015.

The story from yesterday, where the video clearly shows Renner making sure one of his IWU students got the opportunity to attack Judy Stearns, happened JANUARY 26,2015

On FEBRUARY 9, 2015  Tari recruited 2 IWU students, Brexton Issac and his girlfriend Annie Kehler, to attack Judy Stearns at the meeting.  The following day I wrote a story called “Does Tari Know Judy Isn’t running?”

I wrote the story because I couldn’t fathom why Tari launched these attacks on Judy when she had already announced she wasn’t running for reelection months before.

This is the story Tari made his vile comments on –  the comment is still there.

Why did Tari recruit kids to attack Judy in both January and February?

The censure ONLY happened because the public demanded the Council hold Tari accountable.

Censure minutes 2/21/15:

12 thoughts on “The MISSING Minutes

  1. I see Aaron Leneve aka Buddha got to address to the Council on Tari’s behalf. It’s funny how this oaf keeps popping up to do Renners bidding and dirty work. Criminal convictions for Domestic Battery and Drug Paraphenialia and you would think they would not use this turd to support the Mayor candidacy. But liberals love to lay down with dogs, woof woof!


      1. Oh no there you go bringing an imaginary family member into the conversation. Be ready for a negative and distasteful response from the Tari the Tyrant. It should appear about 11:00pm after several cold ones of hanging with the students sucking up more votes.


    1. It was battery for a fight with his sister who almost went to jail to. the report also says his mother instigated it and that she is bipolar. the records also show that the court was concerned about both kids being in a abusive home.there is testimonials from 6 teachers on his behalf he was 17. he went the Lincolns challenge program as his punishment. He also did 4 years of Americorps working with native american kids who had the same problems. he tutored them in math and science. he was awarded a $20,000 scholarship. AmeriCorps is a civil society program supported by the U.S. federal government, foundations, corporations, and other donors engaging adults in public service work with a goal of “helping others and meeting critical needs in the after 17 his life gets better and he does good things because of government programs. that truth thing sucks for yall dont it.


      1. Truth all the time is what we strive for here, which counts you and the rest of the wondering local libturds out. Try as you may, you fail. As far as this particular young man is concerned, your expose’ of his past life doesn’t show much change imo. He’s still stirring up trouble as a bad actor. Posing and lying for the establishment is a good thing? Only in your libturd pc world of imaginary unicorns. The adults in this room know better.


      2. Mama should of told young Buddah never to hit a girl, if if she is in the wrong. So, suck it buttercup. No excuses. You lot rats went after a Ian Bayne with lies and half truths, you go after Diane relentlessly, and smear Lower by taking a poorly ordered comment and try and make it something that it’s not? You asses see racism and hate behind every tree. Truth be told, your ilk are the most hateful and racist people out there. Your online harassment is hateful- it’s not questioning authority. Your taking advantage to be abusive to those you don’t agree with in order to fit in with your little group of foul mouthed immature schizophrenic roller derby witches. How some of you woman were allowed to birth a baby is beyond me. You have a lot of nerve defending that turd after all you idiots have done. You’re a hypocrite and he’s a POS. Deal with it .


  2. it is a conspiracy we also dont care that you know we are part of the rebel alliance. the Confederacy Empire will fall . the force is with me i am one with the force. om mani padme hum. i am one with the force.


    1. You’re a jackass. You’re a moron You’re uneducated and stupid. The first rule of comedy Aaron is to be funny. Learn it. You’re not funny, you’re not cute, you’re not even mildly amusing doughboy. You got run out of Juneau and ran back here to be the Pied Piper of the Derelicts. Your are such a waste of human skin. What do you contribute to society spaceman? Nada! Everything is a kick to you. Guess what? You’re a laughing stock and a fool and it won’t be too many years from now, we will be seeing you laying across some bus bench jonesing. Why don’t you head to LA? The weathers warmer. You’d fit fit in with the other creeps. You’d have better access to drugs and MJ is not criminalized, and if your lucky you’ll get popped and do a little time and be someone’s girlfriend in San Quentin or in Concoron.


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