Avoid Normal candidate Chemberly Cummings

By:  Diane Benjamin

I would have loved to post comments from the forums held for the Council of both Bloomington and Normal, but there wasn’t any insight gained.  Spending an hour listening the questions and answers doesn’t give the candidates much time to reveal themselves.  Some are purposely hiding their agenda to get elected.

The best way to know the candidates is to either talk to them personally or look at their social media.  Public Comment in Normal has caused a huge rift between the elected who think they rule and the people paying the bills.

Unfortunately Chemberly Cummings fits perfectly with the current Council.  She doesn’t think citizens need the right to address their government anymore than the rest of the Council.

This is from her campaign Facebook page:

Flip now to WGLT where Chris Koos appeared on March 7th:  http://wglt.org/post/glts-sound-ideas-3717#stream/0  The interviewer misses the point that Public Comment is the LAW, Koos does too.  Start listening around 21:00.

Koos says he is not a fan of Illinois House Bill 3626 which he admits will probably pass.  Here is what it says:

If Koos is convinced this bill will pass, why did he go ahead and limit Public Comment?  The bill clearly states the limits Koos and the Council left in the ordinance will be illegal.  Round two Chris?

Koos mentioned earlier he never threatened to sue the City of Bloomington over Metro Zone, so Chris does that mean Tari is lying?

Obviously Cummings and Koos aren’t the Public Servants citizens expect.

Your vote matters April 4th!







  1. After reading Chemerley’s comment, it is apparent that she has no use for LAWS, nor for our First Amendment rights. She’s ok with being able to say what she wants to say, but no so much for the constituents and tax payers of Normal. You are correct. She must NOT be elected


  2. Sarah Ball says:

    You provide no substance in your writings. It appears to me that she is wanting to find othe means of communication as well as a shorter turnaround time when one person can speak again. From 45 days to 30 days. Hmmmm…another blogger who does nothing but spread fake news and interpretations.



  1. […] Avoid Normal candidate Chemberly Cummings […]


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