Does Tari know that Judy isn’t running?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The only interesting parts of last night’s Council meeting were the public comment and Aldermen comments at the end.

IWU students have suddenly taken an interest in local politics.  It doesn’t hurt that one is a Renner student and the other is his girlfriend – see below.

From twitter:

Brexton Isaacs retweeted

Date night with . Aka Bloomington City Council meeting. Aka you wish you were us.

Brexton thinks Quality of Life keeps millennials in town.  Wonder where I’ve heard that before?  Tari?  Tari?  Brex wants downtown and parks spending prioritized in the budget.  Brex doesn’t understand millennials stay if they have jobs.  He also doesn’t understand the two universities provide lots of millennials to choose from, therefore wages are depressed for the ones that stay.  If they can’t find a job and will make a lot less if they do, parks and a redeveloped downtown aren’t going to make a difference.  How do I know they make less money here?  Because I was one of them.  My income was higher before I graduated and earned a CPA certificate than after.

Annie was next – on the attack against Judy Stearns.  Evidently Tari and Annie haven’t figured out Judy isn’t running for re-election.  She admitted Tari had denigrated the mentally ill with his comments, but she claimed he had apologized.  She also claims it was a long time ago.  I was one of Tari’s targets on 12/21/13.  I never got an apology.  Then Tari did it again 7/10/14.  Exactly how sorry was he?  Did Ian Bayne get an apology?  Where is that apology Annie?  Source:

During Aldermen comments at the end of the meeting, Jim Fruin talked about the personal attacks leveled during public comment.  Jim did a good job calling out the circus. He was followed by Judy Stearns.  I hope Annie was still in the room so she understands facts matter – Annie didn’t use any.

Watch Brexton and Annie speak starting at 5:45

Watch Fruin and Stearns speak starting at 1:04:38





28 thoughts on “Does Tari know that Judy isn’t running?

  1. I am surprisingly disappointed in Brexton Issacs public comments. I anticipated a well thought out intelligent argument for more spending downtown since he is a iwu student with leadership positions in various political groups. However, his argument was very weak and short on facts and understanding of the economic issues facing Bloomington. I was also unimpressed with the fact that the female iwu was being manipulated for political gain to attack alderwoman Stearns without knowing if there was a shred of truth to the allegations she was making. It is unfortunate that someone what take advantage of the young iwu student in this fashion. If I was her I would be very angry at the person who put her up to that attack.

  2. Annie should of done her homework before attacking Judy because Judy is the only one on the council who has done anything for the mentally ill. I bet her boyfriend, Brexton,
    (yes they are a couple) failed to mention Judy’s decades of service as a RN, many of which were served treating the mentally ill. Oh, Alex Renner, their pal also at IWU, probably failed to mention it as well.

  3. Hey Brexton! College millennials ONLY stay in B-N if they have a job. Parks and downtown living don’t get them jobs. Most move back home to live with their parents because without jobs because they can’t afford to live on their own. Jobs, jobs, jobs!
    Hey Annie, WHOA! Bet you sure were surprised to hear Judy talk about her career in working with the mentally ill. Perhaps your uninformed attack should apologize at the next meeting.

  4. I’m as conservative as they come, but why are you coming at a college kid and his girlfriend? Seems kind of creepy that you’ve been posting their twitter statuses. Even the NSA doesn’t do that.

    1. Proves the relationship. I could go farther. Renner’s son is his Facebook friend, not surprising since it’s a small school. Twitter feeds aren’t private information unless you want them to be. I’m sure your comments just got added to the NSA big book. Creepy?

      1. NO! Diane! It shows what an ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL PIECE OF GARBAGE you are -actually worse because garbage can be converted into something useful – you are a TOTAL ABSOLUTE HUMAN CANCER! PLEASE quote me on that! I haven’ checked this site in ages because it’s mostly crazy bullshit -to be charitable! But, WHEN YOU ATTACK MY SON YOU ARE GOING TO PAY THE PRICE YOU SICK DIRTY SLIMY IGNORANT FOOL! And, frankly, that’s raising you to a level you ABSOLUTELY don’t deserve!
        Nothing you ever report on this site makes any sense because I will give people anything they want to know about their government. Diane you REALLY are the craziest human being I”ve ever known. This WILL be my last post on this sick site of the worst part of humanity! The fact that some of you still think you’re Christians is PATHETIC! There is a special place in hell for you!

    2. RealConservative- Are you serious? Both college kids got up and attacked Ald. Stearns during Public Comment and were doing Tari Renner’s bidding for him. That’ makes them fair game. It’s a real shame the Mayor has to resort to calling out his students to take swipes at those he despises.

    3. I’m kind of with RealConservative here in terms of “coming at a college kid and his girlfriend”. This very well could be Mr. Isaacs and Ms. Kohler’s first interaction with real conservatives. Making fun of them (deserved or not), ridiculing them, etc will only reinforce the stereotypes they have been taught.

      1. JF, she got a real education in regards to shooting from the hip from Ald. Stearns. Look, they need to learn, and sometimes they need to learn the hard way.

  5. Not In Our Town. I agree with Mudd The only right thing for Brexton’s girlfriend to do is apologize to Alderman Stearns in the Spirit of the Not in Our Town pledge that she signed. Such unsupported attacks are divisive and hurt the community

  6. My oh my! It look’s like lil’ Annie, Brexton “mini bull’s” lil squeeze has taken to calling conservatives CRAZY in her Tweets!! Didn’t she say she is one who is on her meds, and that she signed her NIOT Card? Wow, and she has the nerve to criticize Judy! For shame, for shame!

  7. Goodness gracious, Mayor, get a grip. Stop using your students, especially one that is a friend of your son, to do your bidding. Only fools would believe that you were NOT IN on the trashing of Judy Stearns by Brex and his gal pal. You are the one Tari, who repeatedly attacks Ald. Stearns in Open Session. No one “attacked” your son. Your son was mentioned to show the connection between all of you. You’re coming unhinged pal, and it was ME who mentioned him first chucklehead.

  8. A ‘mention’ is now classified as an attack?
    Seems a lot of ‘flack’ for a mention. There was no name calling except by the Mayor.

    The old saying goes: ‘When you are catching the flack you are over the target’.

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