Retiring rich – taxpayers pay

I found this while looking for something else. The City of Bloomington continues to allow pensions spiking. Bell’s pension will be based on her inflated final salary because she was allowed to accumulate sick days. Government works for government employees, not you! The taxpayers of Bloomington were forced to pay for this.


By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington allows ALL employees to accumulate sick days and get paid for them when they retire – up to 1800 hours.  It doesn’t matter their salary might have been much lower when the hours were earned, they get paid at the rate of their salary when they leave.  Here is the latest example:

EmilyBell2Normal only allows this for union employees.  Both Cities claim the policy can’t be changed because of union contracts.  Why is Bloomington paying non-union employees sick days?  Does your boss allow this?

Wonder way your taxes keep going up?

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6 thoughts on “Retiring rich – taxpayers pay

  1. They changed our benefits recently so that we don’t get sick days. We get “paid time off”…1 bucket for all time off. Maximum annual carryover of 2 -3 weeks/year. It was easy for business to change benefit as they’re not guaranteed. Same with government, especially non-union.


    1. My employer’s policy is use it or loose it and no carry over. What they also do is only allocate hours based on the hours you have worked. So lets say you use 6 days of vacation and on 03/31 you leave and have only earned 4 days. You have to pay back the unearned 2 days you used and that would be taken out of your last pay check.


      1. I wish my wages would more than double in 3 years like Emily Bell’s did. That will never happen. My employer would be more than happy to see me go earning less.


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