April 2nd

By:  Diane Benjamin

I need at least 5 volunteers for a special project on April 2nd.  Time is flexible.

It involves a lot of walking and possibly a driver or two.

Email me if you want to help dump Tari Renner:  blnnews@yahoo.com


Kevin Lower wants volunteers to walk for him on April 1st.  Contact him on his website:  http://www.kevinlower.com/



Please help me continue to bring news nobody else reports:

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  1. Do I need a FOID or a concealed carry permit? I have one, but not the other. I’M READY!


  2. buddha jones says:

    klan Rally? yall know you got a silky wizard robe.you got that krusty klown klap fo sho


  3. And rappers have “bling” and sing about shooting cops and how WELL they treat women, and their wonderful successful life and strolling down the street smoking “INDO”
    How’s that working out for ya??


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