Another Spiked Pension

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Monday’s Bills and Payroll:

Employees are still allowed to SPIKE their pensions by getting paid for accumulated sick and vacation days. TWO courts have recently ruled that employers do not have to allow this, of course the rules haven’t been changed.  It just cost you another $32,106.66.  The City is throwing your hard-earned money out the window and allowing employees to grab it.  This payment takes the total to over $1.6 million.   For details I will need to FOIA IMRF (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund).

At least 4 Bloomington representatives are attending One Voice in Washington DC.  Registration was $1550 per person, two of the flight costs are on the PCard statement – page 115. Looks like nobody went hungry in February either.

On March 19th, I reported Normal paid Bloomington $47,533.01 ( with the label Metro Zone Payment.  This payment to Normal, labeled 2016, shows why Bloomington disbanded Metro Zone.

Outside Legal expense for ONE month, the City also has legal staff that is not included in this number.  Most of this expense did not exist before Tari Renner.

Coliseum design expense, probably to make it ADA compliant:

The media of course got paid:





3 thoughts on “Another Spiked Pension

  1. Time for a PCard burning! WHY do NO LESS then 36 local government employees and such NEED to attend ONE VOICE? It’s called ONE VOICE!! i would think that one or TWO people could GET the job done, but this sounds like a congressional junket?
    Are our local folks that inept, that it takes 36 of them??
    We could send the 8th graders from most ANY local school and they’d probably learn more, AND get more down.


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