Monday’s Bloomington agenda

By:  Diane Benjamin

From the Packet:

The minutes from the last Council meeting are up for approval.  This statement is included.  I hope it’s just worded poorly because an investigation happening is the ONLY public information.

The minutes from the Budget Workshop are also up for approval.  Remember, the meeting was held at the Police Station where no live streaming was available. 

These minutes begin on page 27 at the link above.  Below are two interesting parts.  Think your fees aren’t going up?  That depends on who gets elected folks!

The minutes also reflect a discussion by the City Council that lasted over an hour with NO details.  (It’s a secret)

More FUN:

More minutes to approve – I haven’t read them all.

The permanent history of Bloomington was NEVER written and approved for these dates!  Included in the notes is a statement saying parts were illegible and can therefore not be transcribed.  What are they hiding?

I found this nugget in the May 11, 2009 meeting minutes from Jim Karch:

(PDF page 42)

So, back in 2009 Karch told the Council $4.6 million was needed per year to maintain street at a POOR level.  How much has the City spent since?

Keep in mind the $10,000,000 was borrowed and a new gas tax was put into effect – the budget has other priorities for your money, not the essential services taxpayers expect.


PDF page 52 has a discussion of the costs involved when Bloomington left MetCom. Judy Markowitz was Mayor.

See why the minutes were never published?

I don’t have time to read the rest today, if you see anything interesting in them let me know.  I did see RIMCO discussed and yes there was a Federal Investigation at the time.

The agenda has more, I just don’t have the time right now.





5 thoughts on “Monday’s Bloomington agenda

  1. I bet the Age Trial Balance looks like a staircase. That’s always an indicator of a poorly run operation. It’s hard enough getting a simple FOIA out of these people without them stalling several times over, and you can bet they will go to great lengths to hide as as much as they can. This is their way of delivering … transparency! If you have the time, flood the City Clerk with FOIA Requests and ask for the past due amounts from the City Age Trial Balance Reports, the list of all commercial and residential past due water bills by name, address, and amount past due, the amounts past due for Development Fees and Tap on fees; a list of all past due license fees, a list of all past due fines; and a list of all bad debt write offs to bad debt by account name and amount written off. Unless the people responsible for ensuring that the city recovers all receivables had a spirual awakening,, the fed up citizens of this city are really going to start think about rebelling.


  2. The same request for Federal tax dollars for the Hamilton Road Extension being brought to D.C. during this year’s One Voice trip was brought by Hales during a One Voice trip in 2009. Between then and now, multiple engineering studies and plans have been done. They’ve been a waste of $$ along with the cost of the trips.


  3. 2014- 10 million – I could of sworn that 4 million of this was dedicated to the following year’s budget for the general fund in order to balance.


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