Normal’s follies

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bill’s and Payroll for Monday night:

I don’t know what arrangement Normal made to get Home Depot to build here, but this is the perfect example of why Sales Tax receipts are declining:

Menards isn’t getting rebates, so they are at an unfair advantage.  It’s called crony capitalism, picking winners and losers, or any myriad of other names that could apply.  It also gives Home Depot the opportunity to sell items cheaper than Menards and Lowe’s in Bloomington.  So who started the war between the cities?

If Home Depot thought the market here could support their business, they should have paid the costs themselves.  For the duration of the agreement, the taxpayers of Normal are forced to make up for the taxes Home Depot isn’t paying.

Supposedly these payments are approved by the Council before payment is made.

Bloomington claims Metro Zone doesn’t exist, I wonder if Bloomington is cashing the check!  Maybe it’s a test – if Bloomington does cash it, Metro Zone isn’t defunct!


Ready to pay millions more?


When developers get paid to do what government wants:


Some interesting things you didn’t know you paid for:


Normal is hiring a lobbyist to secure Federal Funding for Uptown 2.0

It doesn’t matter the country is saddling our kids and grandkids with $20 Trillion in debt, Normal has needs they don’t want to pay for themselves! See page 64 at the link above.




10 thoughts on “Normal’s follies

  1. “One of the ironies is that eventually all of the businesses will be getting rebates of some sort to the point that all tax revenue will be given away to the businesses that are supposedly providing economic development. There will be little or no money left for public services without continued increasing of taxes. The burden will drive more of the unsubsidized tax base away.” My son, a millennial with no business training or experience expressed this “irony” to me.


  2. I’m surprised Normal hasn’t offered Kohls a big sweetheart deal to move from Eastland to Gordmans once that location comes open. That would depend on the Gordmans spot being big enough. If Normal wants to get back at Renner, they could deliver a knockout blow to Eastland and steal Kohls. I’m sure that would then cause Bloomington to retaliate and we all know Renner will give away the kitchen sink to create his “vision.”


  3. Normal is pure insanity. Though Bloomington has problems with over spending. Normal is totally out of control. I am thankful to the least that I am in Bloomington. Pity the entitled citizens of Normal. Their eyes and ears will be opened far too late. The council is set on utter destruction.


  4. This “stealing” of one business from one city to the next door neighbor city is a set up for shared taxes.


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