Chamber makes themselves immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce is proving again they do not represent voters and taxpayers – they represent government.

Chris Koos announced on Facebook that he was endorsed by them for reelection.  The Chamber website doesn’t say anything about the current election endorsements.

Just in the last few months Koos threw away millions of dollars on the Portillos scam while claiming this would be a destination.  Days after the vote we learned Portillos is expanding everywhere without any subsidies.  That means the Normal location will NOT be a destination and Normal threw away future tax dollars.

I wonder how the surrounding restaurants feel about competing  against a government subsidized eatery?  More of government picking winners and losers because Normal  is anti-business and therefore anti-capitalism.

The Chamber didn’t blink!

The latest complete disrespect Koos is showing to the citizens of Normal with the illegal Public Comment Policy proves the Chamber despises you and your wallet just like Koos does.

We The People is We Need Big Spenders!

The Chamber PAC will be running non-stop radio ads to protect their fiefdom.

April 4th, it’s time to tear down the walls keeping the citizens of Normal locked in debt.

Vote Marc Tiritilli!





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