The Tari attack video

By:  Diane Benjamin

The 2014 video of Tari Renner attacking Judy Stearns during a Council meeting because of cuts she proposed now has been viewed over 15,000 times.  13,000 of them have come in the last few months.  I have no idea why!

A viewer left a comment last night that perfectly summed it up:

If Stearns hadn’t been ignored by the rest of the Council and her opinions vilified in the media, Bloomington residents wouldn’t have the massive budget and tax increases you have now.

If you STILL haven’t watched, here it is again:

7 thoughts on “The Tari attack video

  1. I wonder if Judy had been heard if the CIAM THEFT would have been caught sooner. Why is it that Renner, Hales and other wanted to keep this quiet? Has anyone checked their bank accounts? Anyone checked their purchases? The more I watch this video the more I realize there is no way this was about services and safety. This has to be about money or power…the question is why would Tari be so worried about wasting tax payer money if he weren’t getting something? We just need to figure out what he received, how he recievef it, and the mechanism in place for him to receive it. How much CIAM money given by the city was put into a personal bank account? I think the Garbage PAPER said $152,000.


    1. The $152,000 went into the CIAM owner”s pocket. Hales was complicit because it was his job to review and sign off on all reports and contracts.

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  2. This is why no reasonable, sane, call it as they see it person runs for office in Bloomington. Tari and his ilk, with the support of the media, attack and vilify anyone that dares to question their narrative.


    1. I agree but I disagree. Good conservative people have run for office here but have not faired well in taking out any of the establishment political hacks because the establishment have too much of a hold on the system and BECAUSE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE VOTE! Like him or hate him, Trump won because of the campaign he wagered against the establishment of which got the people out to vote.

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  3. Renner is a narcissistist, a bully and a high-functioning alcoholic. He is unfit for the position he holds. Some of his behavior toward the Alderman while in Council Chambers would qualify him for Censure. Oops—he has already been censured and chastised on numerous occasions with no improvement.


    1. …..Also a Communist, (based on open secrets about his government “service” in DC, before coming here) a subversive, and a close associate of known (Antifa) terrorists.


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