UPDATE: Pantagraph hides the truth!

Just like magic – the comments to the Pantagraph story are back.  Here’s one:


By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph has a story about Beth Whisman stepping down from the Airport Authority Board:    http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/government-and-politics/whisman-resigns-from-airport-board-due-to-job-conflict/article_4a553dc2-2423-58b8-8d44-cdd535b1f6b6.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-2

Besides proving Chris Koos and Normal’s legal team didn’t bother to read the law (or they can’t read), the Pantagraph proved real news isn’t allowed.

This morning there were comments to the story.  One credited the Edgar County Watchdogs and me for reporting she needs to resign because her position with the Town of Normal makes here ineligible to serve at the airport.

This is the Edgar County Watchdogs original story posted 4/15/2018:   http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2018/04/beth-whisman-unqualified-to-serve-as-commissioner-of-bloomington-normal-airport-authority/

How did the airport and Normal know there was a problem with Whisman serving if they didn’t read it?

Anyway, the Pantagraph showed their true colors by shutting off comments to the story and deleting the comments that were there.

Obviously it would be catastrophic is people knew the truth!

One of the Watchdogs (John Kraft) has looked at 6 Airport Authorities around Illinois.  He has found people ineligible to serve on FOUR of them.

Beth Whisman is number 304 for the Watchdogs – people who have either left office because of their investigation or people who were prosecuted.  

John even found a guy who doesn’t live in the district of the airport board he sits on:    http://qctimes.com/news/local/more-questions-arise-over-bohnsack-s-airport-board-role/article_45fea26c-dc1f-5e1c-80f8-91a701254d12.html

The Quad City Times didn’t have a problem crediting the Watchdogs!  They allow truth, not the Pantagraph.

Since the Pantagraph wants to hide the truth:


15 thoughts on “UPDATE: Pantagraph hides the truth!

  1. Was there a conflict of interest while she worked as director of the McLean County Museum of History? The courthouse is owned by the County. Although the museum is a not-for-profit, funded with tax dollars.
    Regardless, it is appalling that these kinds of activities are occurring. And, yes, the Pantagraph as well as Normal’s attorney should be ashamed.


  2. Normal City attorney Brian Day has shown repeatedly that he really doesn’t care what the law says, it’s what he thinks it should say and all about how he interprets it that matters. Notice what Koos said in the Pravdagraph:

    “We took the issue to our legal staff, and their opinion was, in the sense she’s involved in the cultural arts, there was no conflict with her continuing as one of the airport board members, so I asked her to continue.”

    I think the real issue is how reliable is the legal team for the town of Normal and what is Normal city government trying to spin. My experience with them is they have no problem breaking the law and then playing attorney games to defend themselves, as they tried to do here.

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  3. Koos continues to remain on the run politically. I’m sorry that you and the Watchdogs didn’t get the credit you deserve, Diane. However, it’s clear that you won the day. Thanks for staying on the case!


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