ECW, Stearns: the video

By:  Diane Benjamin

This is the video of Kirk Allen, John Kraft, and Judy Stearns speaking at the 5:30 meeting yesterday that was not live streamed.  Kirk and John drove 2 hours to be in Bloomington to address the Council on the proposed changes to the Public Comment ordinance.

Note, I intentionally filmed non-verbal reactions to the speakers.  This may have been why Alderman Hauman moved to suspend the Public Comment rules at the 7:00pm meeting.


9 thoughts on “ECW, Stearns: the video

  1. I love the way Judy ends it. “If you silence us here, we will find a forum, and we will speak.”

  2. As a person who likes to study “body language” as it were. I find the time between about 4 and 5 minutes REALLY telling. Diane smiles like a Cheshire cat, and Tari, shakes his head, writhes his hands and looks to chew on his pen, ALL signs of being caught at something and NOT being able to control the situation. Interesting!

  3. Thank you Diane and those who spoke..this is what we need to expose..this needs to go viral.

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