What you don’t see during Public Comment

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you have never attended a Bloomington City Council meeting, you really don’t get to see what’s going on.

Most of the Council members are busy with other things during Public Comment.  It’s no wonder they want rules governing it!  At one point Joni Painter passed something to Amelia Buragas.  Scott Black lifts his head occasionally.  Karen Schmidt and Jim Fruin mostly paid attention.  Amelia Buragas occasionally looked up, Joni Painter mostly worked on something in front of her.

There is no sound with this video – just watch who is paying attention and who isn’t.  MBoka was behind the speaker, but when I did catch him he was paying attention.  Of course, Kevin Lower was too.  The video is a compilation from various speakers.

Diana Hauman made a statement during the Public Comment discussion about commenters not staying for the rest of the meeting.  Watch the video Diana – the Council doesn’t respect people who gave up their time to speak, so why should they stay?  Besides, conversations about nothing – like last night – happen at every meeting.  Why waste the time to stay and observe?  I really wanted to call a technical foul on about half of you last night!  Besides, video is available where fast forwarding is an option.

Two minutes of YOU are immaterial:




7 thoughts on “What you don’t see during Public Comment

  1. >>>But, but, but,,,this is what the new millennials want, screams the mayor. They want to live downtown and they want a hotel! Why aren’t you people listening to me? Scott? Where are you Scott? Help me out here. *** Uh, oh, sorry. Yeah, whatever he said.<<<


  2. Well, after some nervous fidgeting and faux note taking Tari is pays a bit of attention albeit he looks like he has a case of gas. It must of been that inflight meal from SFO, Joni was balancing her checkbook, and only the good lord knows what Scotty was doing with his hands in his lap and looking down most of the time with an occasional glance upward!


  3. If ever the council should be giving their undivided attention it is when a citizen is speaking. This is good footage for a challenger’s campaign commercial come the next election. Also, citizens might stay for the meeting if the Council would respond to their concerns. Perhaps the Council members should be given equal time to respond? Nothing more frustrating than to feel like your concerns are being ignored.


      1. EVERYthing the potted plants do should be great campaign material because they do not support their constituents needs.


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