Alderman Lower wants YOUR opinions!

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington Alderman Kevin Lower will be holding a:

Town Hall meeting July 7th – 7:00pm

New Lafayette Club on South Main Street Bloomington

Agenda Items:

Public Comment Rules

Ordinance Changes for City Council Meetings

Downtown Strategic Plan Front and Center proposed purchase / redevelopment project

The Budget Task Force

This meeting is for all citizens of Bloomington

Mark your calendars now.  July 7th is primary election day (replace Aaron Schock).  Vote – then come voice your opinions.




4 thoughts on “Alderman Lower wants YOUR opinions!

  1. I don’t know what inspired me to do this today, but I ran into a trove of YouTube videos with all sorts of public comment occurrences. From arrests to all out physical violence. I found one that I think captures why restricting speech is not only wrong, but oppressive when our government seeks to silence its citizens because it can’t take criticism.


  2. Have you seen the invite that went out to supposed Tari supporters where he mentions the “extreme views” and “the vocal and nasty minority” in regards to this meeting?!?



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