Coliseum: Smoking Gun

By:  Diane Benjamin

Official Misconduct?

Flash back to April 14, 2014

The meeting minutes provide a little information, the video below provides much more.  Minutes 4/14/14

Alderwoman Judy Stearns knew concessions were not audited at the Coliseum.  She knew other problems existed and she wanted answers.  Changing hockey from professional to junior was the perfect time for David Hales to re-evaluate the entire contract with CIAM.  He CHOSE not to.

Summary of the video below:

Judy Stearns:  I need assurances the Coliseum review will take place or I can’t vote for this

Renner:  I’m confused, City Manager and Legal Council said they would

Hales:  CIAM has agreed to take 50% of what they are entitled to (1:48:50)

Renner:  We will bring it back to a Work Session by June 30th (1:51:40)

That Never Happened.

Below are two stories I wrote in 2014 Bloomington:  That was LONG before you called in Bronner Group and the reason I was forced by you to file a lawsuit!  

The lawsuit stopped the City from signing another contract with CIAM.  Since the City had done nothing to enforce compliance with the current contract, I had no faith they would ever negotiate a contract that fulfilled their fiduciary duty to protect taxpayers.

Obviously CIAM wasn’t taking 50% less than they were entitled to.  I knew it and Judy Stearns knew it.  Hindsight has ZERO to do with it.

Why didn’t David Hales know?

Why was Judy Stearns vilified by the media?

Because she defied fleecing taxpayers?


Just hit play – start the video 1:14 for the complete council discussion.

11 thoughts on “Coliseum: Smoking Gun

  1. Yet another example of Hales’ failures. He also “didn’t know” about Emily Bell’s pension spiking either. He failed to meet the deadline for IMRF. It is the guy’s job to know about all of the financial goings on within the City.


  2. This needs to get to that Joliet Newspaper so they can jam it down their Mayors throat. I just hope. Hales and Renner don’t get away without being held accountable for official misconduct.


  3. I want to say, I will be at City Council next Monday. I’m prepared this time. The following names will be coming up during my 3 minutes (if Tari doesn’t stuff the comment box) with his friends so no one else can speak. The names: Judy Stearns, Steve Purcell, Diane Benjamin and David Axelrod just to drive it home.


  4. One thing I learned about :”them” (in general) a LONG time ago – they never know about anything – it’s always a big surprise to them.


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