Yes, a bus hit the hydrant

By:  Diane Benjamin

Rich:  I am waiting your apology!

See this story and the clueless comment Rich made:

I don’t print stories without a reliable source!

The bus was one of the newer ones – a 2016.  I received this information under the Freedom of Information Act.  I was told a repair estimate isn’t available yet.  I don’t blame the bus driver, when cars are waiting for the light to change like the ones pictured in green below, that intersection is not wide enough for a right turn.

7 thoughts on “Yes, a bus hit the hydrant

  1. Also occasionally I am in traffic with Connect Transit bus drivers that cannot stay within the lines on the pavement. Perhaps they’ll knock off a few bicyclists once the Bike BlowNow craze finally hits it’s stride.


    1. A bus had an accident. Stop the presses. This has NEVER happened in the history of the entire world!!!!! Diane wants an apology. What else is new? Talk about a nothingburger of a story. Way to go Diane!


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