Using YOUR money: Town of Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal’s Bills and Payroll for tonight:

You work hard for a paycheck.  The CornBelters are failing, as evidenced by a league change, because people aren’t attending games.  They attempt to make money from concerts, Normal helped them out with your money:

More entertainment:

Grounds maintenance at Rivian:

Consultants must get a cut:

Does the Library make sure they get what they pay for?  Paying the Pantagraph for a YEAR doesn’t mean you get a year (unless you complain)

Plans for a new library continue:

More paying to apply for grants

It looks like another short meeting.  Nothing controversial, at least nothing the Council will think is controversial.

Normal is buying 54 computers directly from Dell without bidding them – Total: $69,734.58

They claim having Dell’s makes it easier for their IT department to do repairs.

Normal is also fixing a part of the roof on the Community Activity Center for $68,900 .  It’s nice they picked the lowest bid, but did anybody ask why the other bids were so much higher:

Normal is also changing the requirements for bids from $20,000 to $25,000.  They won’t be bidding “professional services” though.  Think consultants.

It would be risky to bid consultants and get one that didn’t give the answer they wanted.





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