VenuWorks and the BCPA

By:  Diane Benjamin

These are a few of the past payments to VenuWorks for managing the BCPA after Tina died:

See anything strange?

I’ll wait.

Still waiting . . . .

Okay, according to the dead tree, the City wants to contract with VenuWorks to manage the BCPA for a flat fee of $3000 a month.

$8,500 to $3,000

If the Council ever voted on the $8500 I don’t remember it.  It just appeared on bills and payroll.  I don’t see a contract on the City website under Documents-Contracts.

The $3000 has no penalties or incentives.  If the BCPA loses money, VenuWorks won’t.  They have no possibility of making more money by doing a great job.

We already knew Renner, the Council and Hales are anti-capitalism.

This proves it.

It’s also why the BCPA will be a second-rate facility.






4 thoughts on “VenuWorks and the BCPA

  1. Didn’t the City learn anything from their dealings with CIAM about the need for a detailed contract which protects the taxpayers?


  2. why I believe in the free market and percentages of profit as a motive to sales , however , even that can be affected by total cost .. does the dcpa have a manager , and are ticket prices capped off at a maximum so folk can afford to go . a lot needs to be considered and those all need to be in any paperwork with any contract . this ain’t no kool ade stand on the curb , but it can turn into one if folk don’t realize what needs to be in all contacts .
    goodgrief .. we spend how much on legal stuff . and then this .. come on ….yer killin me


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