Rivian News

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday an on-line story claimed Rivian was consolidating all operations in Irvine California.  It implied production was moving there too.  That story was not correct. What Rivian is doing is moving engineering to California, they will be moving employees from Michigan to Irving.  Some other employees will be transferred to the Normal […]

Will Rivian quit fleecing taxpayers now?

Correction:  Ford invested $500M not $400M. By:  Diane Benjamin Since Rivian now has $500,000,000 from Ford, will they continue to accept subsidies from taxpayers?  PDF Page 4 and following:  https://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2258 December 8, 2016 What are the details that “will be negotiated at a later date“? I’m sure they still want the property tax rebate – everybody […]

Update: Looks like Rivian LEFT!

See this update:  https://blnnews.com/2018/08/28/rivian-tweet/ From several sources that never would have said anything if this story hadn’t been written, Rivian is changing signs.  The message I left yesterday had not been returned. By:  Diane Benjamin This sign used to be in front of the old Mitsubishi plant: It isn’t there now! Maybe the Normal Town Council […]

Using YOUR money: Town of Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal’s Bills and Payroll for tonight:  http://www.normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/2730 You work hard for a paycheck.  The CornBelters are failing, as evidenced by a league change, because people aren’t attending games.  They attempt to make money from concerts, Normal helped them out with your money: More entertainment: Grounds maintenance at Rivian: Consultants must get a cut: […]

Rivian-What they got from Illinois

By:  Diane Benjamin I sent a FOIA request to the State of Illinois on February 6th for information on the Rivian incentives.  I finally received it today. Rivian received NO money up front, the story is not going to be repeated in Illinois that happened in other states. The entire deal is based on the […]

Normal’s assault on the private sector continues

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal’s assault on the private sector continued last night.  Last week they attacked the profits of local restaurants by subsidizing a competitor.  Keep in mind Portillos isn’t locally owned so the profits won’t stay local.  Many other restaurants will be hurt, their owners live and pay taxes here.   The local government they […]

More on Rivian: Christian Prenzler

Below is research complied by college student Christian Prenzler. What is Rivian Automotive? Taking a look through the brief and unknown history of the start-up vehicle development company On Thursday afternoon, The Pantagraph broke the news that Rivian Automotive Inc. would be purchasing the plant in whole. Rivian is a Michigan based automotive engineering firm […]