Rivian News

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday an on-line story claimed Rivian was consolidating all operations in Irvine California.  It implied production was moving there too.  That story was not correct.

What Rivian is doing is moving engineering to California, they will be moving employees from Michigan to Irving.  Some other employees will be transferred to the Normal plant, of course Michigan isn’t happy since Rivian received incentives.  Rivian will still keep some employees in Michigan, product development will be in Irvine.

All production will remain in Normal, according to this story:  https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1128612_electric-truck-hopeful-rivian-moving-more-of-its-workforce-to-california

Quote from the story:

rivian quote

That quote doesn’t give much confidence that production is permanently in Normal though.

There are many sources for this information, others are easy to find if you want more.

5 thoughts on “Rivian News

  1. Since the local powers that be claim Rivian to be the biggest economic development coup ever, you would think they and the local media would be on top of stories like this all the time. I get a Rivian related story popping up on my phone an average of every two weeks, if not more.

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    1. The local media knows that the community is suspicious of Rivian and asks lots of questions. So, stories are likely preplanned and well-scripted.

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  2. Translation: Rivian goes to whatever municipality will give them money. They love Normal and Illinois, as long as they get incentives. They don’t really love the community, the love the taxpayer-funded incentives and power they have in the community. If the checks run out or their influence in the community wanes, they’ll be out of here.

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    1. A fool and his money are easily parted. Right Fuhrer Koos?

      And they still have 2 thousand $$$$$$$$ for a down-payment on 2 mythical trucks?

      Now that is what I call a fantastic investment of tax payer money!


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