Rivian News

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday an on-line story claimed Rivian was consolidating all operations in Irvine California.  It implied production was moving there too.  That story was not correct. What Rivian is doing is moving engineering to California, they will be moving employees from Michigan to Irving.  Some other employees will be transferred to the Normal […]

Your tax dollars at work

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the group who traveled to see Rivian’s operations in Michigan.  On the couch are John McIntyre (County Board Chair), RJ Scaringe (Rivian), Kimberly Bray (Bloomington Council), and Barry Reilly (District 87).  Standing to the right is Kyle Ham (leaving the EDC at the end of April) and Don Knapp (County […]

Somebody’s Lying

The next shot in the Illinois-ObamaCare scandal (Woof-Woof): http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2013/09/somebodys-lying/ Posted by Kirk Allen on September 5, 2013 Illinois Health and Family Services, under the direction of Julie Hamos, might want to take a long weekend and figure out who needs fired for lying to the public. In this FOIA request/response  I wanted to know who paid for the wining […]

Does expanding medicaid mean better health care?

View from Michigan – nothing different than Illinois: Medicaid Recipient: ‘When I ask where I’m supposed to go, I’m told the hospital’ By ANNE SCHIEBER Julie Henry has been on and off Michigan Medicaid for more than 20 years. She knows about the difficulty in finding a doctor who will accept Medicaid and why the system routinely forces her […]

Michigan Smarter than Illinois

Bill Would Require One Year Of Residency To Qualify For Welfare By JACK SPENCER | Feb. 9, 2013 | Legislation that would require one year of residency in Michigan to qualify for welfare assistance from the state has been introduced in the Senate. The measure, Senate Bill 70, is sponsored by Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, R-Lawton. Under current law, a person has […]