Attn: Black Lives Matter

Ask Angela Fyans what she is hiding from her time with Sorling Northrop.  She is now a City of Bloomington lawyer.

The Bloomington police did an amazing job stopping your looters, unlike Normal.  That doesn’t mean problems don’t exist in the department.  You will find out soon, with or without what is still hidden.  It won’t go well for Bloomington is the final piece is revealed after the fact.

Somebody needs to check their files.



12 thoughts on “Attn: Black Lives Matter

    1. Dear Karen,

      Don’t be silly and maybe watch the video?

      You see there are literally millions of voting Americans who agree completely with everything said in this video.

      We are not going away Karen and we will be voting for 4 more years of President Trump in November.

      So you might want to find out where we are coming from?

      It’s called the unvarnished truth and it has a way of destroying false narratives based on lies and events that didn’t happen.

      Trouble 2


  1. Hypocrisy serves the power elite, not BLM, not anyone but those in the very high upper echelons of society. If you are not in the billionaires club then most likely you are being played.


  2. @Trouble2. Awesome video thank you for sharing.
    @Karen Cook. I’m a proud Trump Republican and if you don’t think you are not one presidential election away from full fledged socialism think again. I’m a Trump Republican because he stands for my constitutional rights. At this time the most important one being the right to bear arms to defend myself against the radical leftist movement going on right now. Read your history and you will see everything this guy says is true. And I dare any BLM person to step one foot in my house because I can assure you they will not go out the same way they came in. I have lots of black friends and I don’t see their color and many of them do not agree with what is happening. And worse yet there appears to be more whites involved in this group than blacks. What does that tell you? And what are those white folk going to do when it is time to kill the white privileged? What are you to do Karen if you fit the into their definition of white privilege and they come for? You might not like what Trump says or how he says it and he even lies every now and then. Please show me a politician who doesn’t do the same thing? The majority of them are all right there with him. The difference is at least Trump stands for our freedoms and liberties and the value of citizenship in this country! The rest are bent on me going to work everyday so I can hand over my paycheck to people who go out and destroy things or sit on their ass and do nothing! GO TRUMP!

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    1. Saying you have “black friends” doesn’t make you less racist, and before you say you aren’t racist your comment “And I dare any BLM person to step one foot in my house because I can assure you they will not go out the same way they came in” seems like you are threatening the people fighting for the equality of black lives including those friends of yours. Secondly, why should you be trusted with a gun if you just threaten to harm someone with, I’m making an inference here, said weapon? You also stated that “there appears to be more whites involved in this group than blacks,” but in this fox news article: if you look at the first photo it appears to be a diverse group. (I made sure to use fox news because you trumpies believe everything else is “fake news”.) Also, I know that your only argument against me, if you choose to reply, is to insult me, and that’s okay 🙂 because it’ll be a great day in November when your favorite rapist is kicked out of the White House.


      1. It’s real easy to counter racists like Jo, and there’s not one insult involved.

        If black lives matter so much, where’s the riots and marches and endless calls for justice for that 3 year old killed in the drive by in Chiraq this past weekend? How about when that 9 year old was taken into an alley and executed by a gangbanger a couple of years ago? Where are the 3 funerals and miles long processions for these babies?

        If black lives matter so much, where’s the outrage over the murder of David Dorn? How would you feel if some punk that got released over fears of a “pandemic” shot your grandfather and left him bleeding on the sidewalk, all for some “free” stuff?
        If black lives matter so much, where’s the anger and rage over the destruction of black owned businesses?
        If black lives matter so much, why pick the criminals to martyr? Why not a hero like David Dorn, who served his community for almost 40 years?

        Your racism is old and tired, and your ancient way of thinking will soon be past us and we can move on and try to live in peace. Oh, you prefer tension along racial lines, do you? Well, keep that BS to yourself from now on, K?

        P.S. – See. Not one insult. Once again, your bigotry is showing.

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      2. Dear Jo,

        I want you to prepare yourself for something….

        A Landslide November election in which Trump is reelected and down ballot Democrats (Federal, State and local) are removed from office.

        This is the end of the Democratic Party.

        A former lifelong Democrat (50 + years)

        Trouble 2

        PS – Insulting and assaulting people is the modus operandi of the radical left, Antifa, BLM, the mainstream media and the Democrats. You will get the truth from me and from this site. I would suggest the Pantagraph or WGLT or CNN is you want to continue to be lied to.

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      3. I had a point-by-point list of all your fallacies and hypocrisy, but it’s summed up very concisely using just one of your own statements: ‘Saying you have “black friends” doesn’t make you less racist’. True, especially that racism is already zero. And spouting hateful BLM talking points doesn’t make You any less racist, either.
        Those truly interested in addressing racial inequities gladly discuss the issues with the reasonable majority who believe in equality. Those with some other agenda(s) initiate or support violence, or spout inflammatory rhetoric like yours.

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