More on Rivian: Christian Prenzler

Below is research complied by college student Christian Prenzler.

What is Rivian Automotive?

Taking a look through the brief and unknown history of the start-up vehicle development company

On Thursday afternoon, The Pantagraph broke the news that Rivian Automotive Inc. would be purchasing the plant in whole. Rivian is a Michigan based automotive engineering firm and does not produce vehicles, and has yet to reveal a working prototype. Their deal to purchase the factory consists of an Rivian investment of $40.5m into the factory and employment benchmarks in order to receive the $1mm cash grant from the Town of Normal as well as property tax abatements.

Heres the facts:

  • Rivian has never produced a working vehicle or prototype
  • Rivian has only raised $1.25m in private funding rounds since it’s existence in 2009
  • The company hasn’t revealed any specific technical advancements
  • Rivian has accepted incentives from both Florida and Michigan, both packages were similar to what Normal is offering
  • Rivian’s other financial backers include Space Florida, which is a government entity
  • The company holds two patents

Their Adventure in Florida

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12 thoughts on “More on Rivian: Christian Prenzler

  1. Somebody ought to cross check the principals of Rivian with campaign contributions over at the Federal Election Commission. Wanna bet they are all hyper Left-wing, crony Capitalist, Solyndra types?

  2. Where is their $30 million research facility in Detroit. If you were a company wouldn’t you want to promote what you were doing. Instead, smoke and mirrors. There is a local brewery very excited about their new facility, they have posted pictures of their proposed facility and actually list products….. And Rivian website, NADA, Coming soon…

    1. Oh. Jason can’t see it. It must not exist. Just like Uranus. Open a freakin’ newspaper, Jason. And then read it.

  3. What is Prenzler’s background? What’s makes this student more of an expert than the state and local economic development officials and bankers who vetted this company by looking at their books? Is Prenzler biased because his family has invested in Tesla? Perhaps…

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