Update: Looks like Rivian LEFT!

See this update:  https://blnnews.com/2018/08/28/rivian-tweet/ From several sources that never would have said anything if this story hadn’t been written, Rivian is changing signs.  The message I left yesterday had not been returned. By:  Diane Benjamin This sign used to be in front of the old Mitsubishi plant: It isn’t there now! Maybe the Normal Town Council […]

More on Rivian: Christian Prenzler

Below is research complied by college student Christian Prenzler. What is Rivian Automotive? Taking a look through the brief and unknown history of the start-up vehicle development company On Thursday afternoon, The Pantagraph broke the news that Rivian Automotive Inc. would be purchasing the plant in whole. Rivian is a Michigan based automotive engineering firm […]

UPDATE: Normal may have gotten Mitsubishi right or not

Update #2:  After checking numerous sources, this looks like a reasonable deal.  Rivian is not getting any money unless they meet requirements that have been preset – like the number of employees and investments completed. Update:  See the link in the comments – maybe NOT! Pantagraph story not allowing comments! By:  Diane Benjamin After paying […]

Fly on the Wall: Mitsubishi plant buzz

Buzzing around I’ve heard some interesting stories.  The owners of the former Mitsubishi plant are negotiating a deal with Tesla and parts builder American General.  Both had to put down a substantial amount of money to prevent the sale at auction. Tesla wants to start mass producing vehicles and doesn’t have the space in California.  […]