Update: Looks like Rivian LEFT!

See this update:  https://blnnews.com/2018/08/28/rivian-tweet/

From several sources that never would have said anything if this story hadn’t been written, Rivian is changing signs.  The message I left yesterday had not been returned.

By:  Diane Benjamin

This sign used to be in front of the old Mitsubishi plant:

It isn’t there now!

Maybe the Normal Town Council can road trip out there and knock on the door.

The Rivian flag is gone too. The Volkswagens are still there.

Don’t bother calling 734-855-4350, all you will get is an answering machine.

Thanks to a reader for the tip, and another reader who drove by!  🙂  🙂

Maybe they are just changing names again.









33 thoughts on “Update: Looks like Rivian LEFT!

  1. Perhaps we can ask one of the several hundred employees they were supposed to have by now?
    On the plus side, a black eye like this should help wake voters up, especially if they Did collect any of their potential ‘incentives’… if we have candidates who will capitalize on the embarrassment.

  2. I just had a thought… maybe they owed money on their sign and had never paid and the people they bought it from came and repossessed it…They will be asking Normal for more money soon so they can get their sign back.

      1. Oh I will, I’ll add the old Mitsubishi place to my occasional drives around the fiefdom accessing the large empty buildings.

  3. C’mon Diane! The goons in town government and the EDC are too busy getting their picture taken on the bus or pretending to have a solution for the affordable housing “crisis”. We need to stop the local government from spreading the myth that Rivian gets nothing unless it meets incentives. They got free landscaping, groundskeeping, and security in writing, while everyone else’s business did not. They can’t be let off the hook for this debacle when it finally implodes.

      1. They still may have had to return the other one, and are now conning a new sap for another free one, or as was mentioned yet another name change.

  4. It’s ALL “top secret” and they will make cars, and you see KOOS driving a brand new one when they start. Just like The N.P.S is going to make a giant skateboard park out of the Grand Canyon..

  5. You know if it is not happening right now… it will eventually happen… one day they will be just gone and the plant will go back to the liquidator and then sold for scrap… there is a lot of metal sitting out there that could be made into cars by a real car maker….

  6. Did some quick checking w/someone I know that is associated with them. Sounds like they are getting a new sign w/ their new logo.

    From: BLNNews
    Reply-To: BLNNews
    Date: Monday, August 27, 2018 at 1:53 PM
    To: Kevin May
    Subject: [New post] Looks like Rivian LEFT!

    Diane Benjamin – editor posted: “By: Diane Benjamin This sign used to be in front of the old Mitsubishi plant: It isn’t there now! Maybe the Normal Town Council can road trip out there and knock on the door. The Rivian flag is gone too. The Volkswagens are still there. “

  7. Someone posted this on Facebook, and a couple of people (with apparent knowledge) stated that a new sign with a new logo has been ordered. Another person stated they know people who work there, and they are still employed. Much ado about nothing!

      1. I think that’s all they have ever had, I have read a LOT about Rivian, and they are as shady as it comes, you really think they are going to TALK with anyone like us common peasants, people who have not figured out how to dupe communities like they have?

    1. A harbinger of things to come and you know it… these fools will never mass produce a car…. our rocket scientist leadership locked that plant up with these con men and pretty much destroyed any chance of it being used for something besides scrap. And the town of Normal still mows their grass…. An auto company that needs their grass mowed? You can’t make this stuff up… It could be a new sitcom!

    2. Most companies leave the sign up for location purposes while a new sign is being manufactured. Then when the new sign is ready for install the old sign comes down. Everybody knows that! Lol.

      1. That is how it has worked for a very long time… Now they need to hire some really qualified people who currently work in the auto industry away from their current employers. What engineer in his right mind would quit a job with the big three or Toyota to come to work for these jokers? What is it now two years and no sign and the city still mows their lawn and plows their snow? I can hardly believe that anyone could be dumb enough to think these con artists are going to mass produce cars.

    3. Please give me the names of who actually works there and I would be happy to talk to them and verify their employment. Or better yet lets get a group together to tour the facility in the near future. I’m game.

      1. Now, come on, you know the answer to that – then it will be 11 more years before it actually runs.

  8. Rivian is not going to mass produce anything…they are a joke and they have conned the leadership and many clueless people in this area into believing the unbelievable.

    1. If it’s any consolation, this isn’t the first time they have conned a community out of a boatload of money, 2-3 minutes of research could have told the glorious leaders, those busy busy and important “smart people” that, but, well, you know…

      1. It is truly amazing what is happening here. It is like there is an alternative reality in which our elites (and elite leadership) operate in, which is not in any way connected to the real world. And this would all be very funny if the economic survival of the area was not at stake. We need some really smart people right now and we have the D minus team pretending to know what they are doing.

  9. Bottom line, IF Rivian WAS going to make an electric car, they WOULD be in the lawsuit with TESLA over the Canadian province of Ontario dropping the rebate for electric cars! See the Reuters article..
    You have a better chance of seeing Jimi Hendrix live with Janis Joplin @ Madison Square Gardens-and E.T. is flying them in!

  10. Rivian….McLean counties version of the Music Man for the year 2018. Wonder if they have pool tables?

  11. I believe you somehow went back in time to when businesses used “answering machines” and Rivian didn’t own the plant yet. Good story btw.

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