It was supposed to be information for you – it’s not

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night the Bloomington City Council heard the first ever monthly Finance Director’s Report.  It’s great information that you will never see!

Evidently reports are given to elected officials monthly.  The presentation last night was not included in the packet.  The reports were only shown on the screen, you will have to watch the meeting video to see any of it.  Hint:  it mostly won’t be readable.

If the information is intended for citizens, the slides need to be included in the packet.

Maybe the City Manager thinks you can’t understand what they are presenting, therefore you shouldn’t see printed copies.  He is wrong to underestimate the intelligence of the people paying the bills.  If the Council gets copies, citizens should too.

Tax receipts for this fiscal years are looking okay, but not a lot of information is available yet.  The fiscal year just started May 1st, a lag exists before the City actually receives the tax revenue.  If next month’s report is not in the packet I will FOIA it.

See the first slide by clicking play:


8 thoughts on “It was supposed to be information for you – it’s not

  1. They said it would be posted on the website.

    Why don’t you stop jumping to conclusions. Your last two stories are a stretch at best.


    1. Interesting reply, Jon. I’m sure you’re asking the Pantagraph and WJBC about why they don’t cover the Council meetings appropriately, or ask tough questions of the Council, or do anything other than printing a press release.

      I’m sure you’re holding your local media accountable too, right?

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    2. Yeah and I’m the real Santa Claus, You know,,,,the one that has been around for centuries. I suppose you believe everything that you hear Jon. Lol.


    1. That’s why he was chosen, so they could continue to provide us with the fine leadership/stewardship that Hales gave us…..We should be grateful, and just work harder…..


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