Bloomington Council tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

PCard Spending for approval tonight:

Why are taxpayers forced to fund holiday gifts for a Museum?

Anybody know where these Christmas lights are?

The Fire Department did the traveling this time:

The minutes from the November Council retreat are included in the packet: HERE  They start on PDF page 38.  EVERY retreat seems to revolve around procedures and how to interact with each other, the public, and staff.  Entertaining reading!

Consent Agenda – Item D

Construction of the trail to Benjamin School:





The big item:

mccaBlack Lives Matter is evidently going to protest this Sub-Station.  Citizens that understand the police are not the enemy need to also be heard.  If the police are treated with respect, they will treat citizens with respect.

If rouge police do exist, get video – and not video that has been cut out of context!

Maybe BLM can explain why one of their own ran to the police for help after he was robbed in Texas:  HERE

Do west side residents want BLM controlling their neighborhoods or law and order?





6 thoughts on “Bloomington Council tonight

  1. I can see the BFD going to Denver for Ice rescue, and Texas for other training, as that field is in a constant change. But ALL that money for lights? OH NO< Just WAIT till the electric bill shows up!!
    As for the police substation, it may be a way for the police to "get out" of the main office, or it may actually help them be closer to the criminals. Time will tell.

  2. It must be nice for the Mayor to rarely have to pay for lunch. It would be really great if he could spend more time meeting with people outside the lunch hour. Perhaps he and the person he’s meeting could pack their own lunches.

    Perhaps, given the budget constraints, they could cut down on the number of City Council members sent to events that cost $100 per person in registration. Why not just send one representative to the Entrepreneur of the Year ceremony.

  3. Lunch meetings are a joke. FIrst the meet: How you doing? Just fine. How are you? How is are the kids and auntie? Wasted time. Now the waiter interaction time. More wasted time. Eating. Who can talk while eating? Big waste of time. Just eating on the taxpayer dime. Waste of time. Waste of taxpayer money. Pompous horses arses.

  4. Tax dollars are to be spent for the essential functions of government only. Not-for-profit organizations such as the museum receive tax relief and should not be subsidized in any other fashion. But, the Council voted to contribute $25,000.00 to the Museum’s Capital Campaign. The historic courthouse is viewed by the Council as a destination and a source of a tremendous amount tax revenue from the downtown businesses.

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