Matejka: Purveyor of FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin

WJBC allows a few people to spout anything they want on their “Forums”.

Yes, “Fake News” does exist – Mike Matejka used his forum platform back on December 1st to proliferate it.  See his comments here:  HERE

Matejka is upset that Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college.

His last line:

We are a democracy, but a democracy with some mighty odd twists and turns.

America has NEVER been a democracy Mike.  We are a Representative Republic – big difference.  Areas of the country with dense populations aren’t allowed to control the vast majority of the rest of the country.  See maps from the New York Times showing how the entire country voted:  HERE

Imagine Chicago politics running the whole country!  If Mike had his way it would!

Matejka has plenty more “fake news”, but I don’t have time to write a history book for him.

Next time one of his forms run, keep in mind he has used “fake news” to promote his agenda in the past.





12 thoughts on “Matejka: Purveyor of FAKE NEWS

  1. First on many of the websites that allow comments it was Trump had no path to 270 electoral votes before the election.

    After the election it was Trump lost the popular vote and Hillary won it so she should be the next POTUS. Now the buzz is to get rid of the Electoral College.

    I was amazed at the number of individuals who don’t know how a POTUS election works. Did they skip class that day in school or what?

    Maybe Matejka doesn’t see the financial problem that the state of IL is in and who controls the state, democratic Chicago, why of course. Imagine this country being ruled by the popular vote for the POTUS. Thank God the founders had some insight into this.

    1. Take out the estimated 3 million illegal alien voters that Obama noted no one would be punished and Hilllary lost the popular vote big time. Not to mention all the dead people casting votes and the ballot stuffing, etc. She wanted Trump to accept results no contest but for her its, lie, cheat, steal rather than accept the results. The American people are a tolerant people but are sick and tired of the lying, hypocritical, and ignorant democrap party. Ya all need to quit stamping your feet like 2 year olds that didn’t get a candy.

  2. Matejka runs the Facebook page for ‘Not In Our Town.’ Fake news flourishes there as does posts about the electoral college. Not in Our Town in Bloomington was founded on Fake News.
    It was inspired by a rumor of a dramatic rise of racist church burnings in south during the 1990s. However, this was fake news. There was no rash of racist church burning in the south according to various fire fighter organizations and the FBI.
    NIOT has now partnered with Black Lives Matter which also rose to prominence based on the Fake News of ‘Hands Up Dont Shoot’ in Ferguson, Missouri which NEVER happened according to Obama’s own Justice department. NIOT and BLM continue the promotion of Fake News with the myth of police walking around murdring black people.
    Another high ranking member of the local NIOT also promoted Fake News on a WJBC forum when she announced only white people can be racist. So when you see videos of blacks during BLM protests/Riots saying kill all the crackers or actually severely beating innocent while people just remember that is not racism according to local NIOT leaders.
    Local NIOT ignores Trump Voters being beaten for lawfully participating in the voting process. NIOT ignores conservative speakers being bullied or completely shut down during college lectures. NIOT ignores a Mayor threatening a local news woman. And when Islamic terrorists kill Americans on our soil NIOT ignores the threat of Radical Islam and immediately lectures the good people of our community about tolerance even though we didn’t do anything.
    NIOT has morphed into a extreme left wing organization which only accepts diversity of skin pigment but not diversity of thought. And now on December 14th the Bloomington School Board will vote on a resolution in support of NIOT. NIOT has betrayed the citizens of Bloomington. Apparently in their eyes bullying, beating, silencing and ignoring hate agsinst conservatives is justified. I call it evil.

  3. The problem with saying Hillary won the popular vote is that the electoral college method and the popular vote method are not an apples to apples comparison. If the election was popular vote, candidates would run different campaigns, and different voting patterns would emerge. How many likely trump voters in IL, CA, and NY stayed home because they knew theirs votes wouldn’t be for the winning candidate? Same thing with Hillary voters in red states.

    Democracy is mob rule. The point of things like the electoral college and a weak federal government was to prevent the majority from stomping on smaller, weaker groups. Also, what works in costal states does not work in the Midwest and vice-versa.

    The democrats have spent the last 8 years increasing the power of the federal government in order to impose their ideology. Now they are going to get a taste of their own medicine. Maybe they will rediscover states rights and limited federal government but I doubt it. Even if they do, it will go out the window next time they are in power. For the record, I also do not think the republicans will be the champions of states rights that they claim to be. No politician is keen on giving up power.

  4. “Unless you can provide a link to a credible news source, those claims haven’t been verified yet.” Seriously? Unless there is a full recount the 3 million can’t be verified. Dead people voitng and stuffing ballot boxes is common knowledge. Been going on for years. Wanted Trump to accept the outcome was all over the place, multiple sources. Hillary running an honest election? Or an honest anything for that matter. Lol.

  5. Fake news exists because of our willingness to believe anything that matches our worldview. Worse yet, we don’t research for ourselves what the facts are. We negate facts because of inaccuracies in information, whether those inaccuracies are intentional or not. This is the dangerous aspect of the Fake News furor. No one believes anything. Or what we believe is in fact false.

  6. This forum article is filled with some interesting gibberish. A Junior High School Social Studies teacher worth their salt would give this essay a failing grade. The author makes comments which contradict his NIOT philosophy. It is the “unwashed rabble” whose representation is protected with the Electoral College and are supposed to be defended by the NIOT members. The slaves in Virginia mattered–Black Lives Matter. The Hayes election was nothing more than a political move and has little to do with an argument against the value of the Electoral College.

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