Good news and YOU can help

By:  Diane Benjamin

A project took place locally last year that I knew nothing about.  Start with this information:

Last year, the Tool Library distributed a housing assessment survey to the West Bloomington community. We discovered that, in West Bloomington alone, over 300 children between the ages of 3 and 15 are sleeping on the floor, in kitchens, in basements, and even their parent’s car because they do not have a bed of their own. As a result, these children are going to school exhausted – directly affecting their ability to perform well in their academics. Furthermore, they do not have a warm and cozy bed to look forward too during the cold Illinois winters. Our funding for the first Bed Blitz was enough to provide 42 children with beds of their own. This year, we aim to serve a considerably larger portion of our in-need families. One day soon, Bloomington will be the first town in the United States to proudly say “every child in Bloomington has a bed to lay their head.”

This group plans to do it again this year – but you can help them WIN money to build more beds!

Here’s the story:

Find Your Fire
Community Grants

The 2016 Bernzomatic Find Your Fire Community Grants program celebrates the creativity and curiosity of makers all across the country who want to use their talents to make a difference. Makers all across the country shared their ideas. Now it’s your turn to help pick the most creative, community-minded projects.

The Bed Blitz project qualified as one of the finalists.

Find them on the link above and cast your vote for them.  Then share the information on social media or with friends so they can vote too.

Bed Blitz is on the left side in the third row down.

Let’s help them help the kids and this great organization!





8 thoughts on “Good news and YOU can help

  1. The West Bloomington Revitalization Project and the Tool Library have accomplished remarkable things for their neighborhood. Contact the Tool Library to inquire as to how you may contribute or volunteer on a personal level.

  2. What a tragedy!
    What this story underscores is the shameful spending the City of Bloomington expends on West side projects – sidewalks, fancy cubs, landscaping amenities, consultants to spend millions of more dollars on needless development projects – while many of it’s children don’t even have a bed to sleep in and probably very little food to eat.
    While the parents, the children, and many others even in other parts of this city struggle to make ends meet, to eat, and to clothe and provide basics for their children, the City of Bloomington whiles away taxpayer dollars for everything but what is necessary, including making its citizens and children a priority.
    During this Christmas season I hope this organization is able to continue provide for and bless those who don’t have.
    I hope it opens the eyes of those who do have of the shamefull lack of interest this City has for its own in need.
    Shame on you, City of Bloomington government!

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