Normal’s assault on the private sector continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal’s assault on the private sector continued last night.  Last week they attacked the profits of local restaurants by subsidizing a competitor.  Keep in mind Portillos isn’t locally owned so the profits won’t stay local.  Many other restaurants will be hurt, their owners live and pay taxes here.   The local government they pay taxes to may be putting them out of business.

This week the assault is on the company already contracted to move the grass and plow the snow at the former Mitsubishi plant.

Keep in mind,

Normal is using tax dollars to do it.

Government rarely cares about the cost.  They have the ability to obliterate competition when it suits them.

The Rivian agreement calls for Normal to pay for maintaining the outside of the property – mowing, snow removal, and security.

Is an officer going to be assigned to the plant around the clock?  What does that mean? – nobody knows (see below).

PDF page 4


Since government is paying, it will cost more than the private sector. Normal is required under Illinois law to pay prevailing wages.  Yes, it’s a rigged system.

Is Normal going to pay their staff or are they going to sub-contract the work?  What happens to the guys currently doing the work?

If your competitor is the government or backed by government, you will lose.  Their rules, they (and their buddies) win.

Mark Peterson (City Manager) made a big deal towards the end of the meeting last night about the huge resources Rivian has, evidently not enough for maintenance and security though.

My thoughts listening to the Council were:

  • they don’t want the plant torn down
  • they will accept the Rivian plan hoping for the best
  • if Rivian fails, at least the plant will still exist and maybe somebody better will come along

Did they make the right move?  That depends on whether Rivian is paid without complying with the contract.  The employment numbers are very low even though Peterson claimed he had seen their prototype vehicle.  If Normal slips them some bucks without compliance it’s a failure.  They need to be watched.

There is an easy fix to this madness:  Marc Tiritilli for mayor!





7 thoughts on “Normal’s assault on the private sector continues

  1. What? Who dreams this stuff up? And then get someone to take the bait? I guess maybe I am jealous that I can’t get on that same plan. Is there a projection of what it will cost to maintain 850 acres of grass and concrete?

  2. You would think since so much of what Rivian is doing is a industry secret it appears then why would they turn the security over to the city? Perhaps this is only for grounds security and not the building internal area but still that seems fishy.

    What a deal on the grounds maintenance too. The city must be really desperate to get this deal.

    According to the local social paper I thought it said the mayor and others drove a prototype.

    Breaking into the electric car market seems risky to me. Odd that Tesla wasn’t interested in the building to locate a plant in the midwest. I recently saw where the automakers either met or wanted to meet with Trump about the mileage requirements to get them changed to be lower. I recently told a friend you had better think twice about buying an electric or even a hybrid. You’ll be at the mercy of paying dealership repair bills if you do. It isn’t like Joe’s garage down the street can work on those. I also want to know what (future) pollution are we creating with all of those batteries. I’m not sure which is worse to die from, polluted air or polluted water.

    Of course the city and government is all for having electric cars. They don’t have to pay for the dealership repair bills out of their pocket.

    1. There is another issue with the Town providing security. The Town will be held liable for any security breach based on the contract.

  3. WOW! Flashback. Friend of mine was an engineer at the MMMA plant, and years back at the VERY north end of the lot, someone cut thru the fence and stole a prototype car. When they called the police, they couldn’t give a description, as it was under wraps.
    Maybe UPTOWN will build a “police substation” there to keep the prototype thieves at bay???
    As for WHO’S doing the lawn/snow work now, I think nobody, as the whole lot is weeds and snow.
    Koos better get it in WRITING who gets to sweep out the crickets after 5 years or less….

  4. 3 name changes in 7 years for a “automotive technology company developing an integrated portfolio of products and services”

    Can ANYONE name 1 product or service by Rivian Automotive? Apparently part of their portfolio isnt security or landscaping, LOL

  5. One suggestion to Mr. Ham of the EDC. When the media is there taking pictures, try to look friendly and pleasant. What you’re pedaling looks much worse if your expressions resemble that of shock, disinterest, contempt, and bewilderment. I know people can’t help how they look, but perception is a key factor in impacting believability.

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